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To Continue.....

Reese: (He makes no effort to avoid the slap, though he probably could if he wanted to, letting his head roll to the side under the blow. Slap to the head! ^-^) (Narrowing his eyes, he glares off to the side, pressing his lips together in a frown, but says nothing. As far as HE was concerned, the only thing that really got in his way of getting Ferret was Kestrel - or rather, Kestrel's use of magic. When he had followed Winter and Jhayne after returning to the realm, it was only his own reluctance to actually KILL the two women that let them get away from him. He was more than certain he could take down the women, even if they DID try casting magic on him, but with Kestrel thrown into the mix, it brought up difficulties. But to say as much? It would be nothing but an excuse, and he knew well enough that wasn't what Alsaedeis wanted to hear. Better to keep his mouth shut right now, and bring it up at a later time, when she wasn't so hostile.)

Alsaedeis: (she fumes quietly as she backs away from him, her hand perhaps slightly smudged with the blood that he'd been smattered with. she had backed away only a few steps, if even that much, but stopped there. she wrinkled her nose at Reese, and said nothing in response to Xane's comments. she did, however, continue to talk to the bard.) You've followed your target for HOW long, Traverees? HOW LONG? You were in the same ROOM with her, and you just let her leave... (disregarding the fact they had been teleported out, which even if she knew all the details, she wouldn't care anyway... ) Just let her WALK away, Traverees! You should have killed the obstacles! ALL your obstacles! But you let obstacles stop you, and now your quarry is GONE! GONE, Traverees! (she's trembling slightly, her hand threatening to raise again. instead, she turns away from him with a wisp of translucent clothing, and stalks a few paces away, her hands rising at her sides in an angered, rather defeated looking gesture.) How much power are you wanting to weild in order to complete your task? Does it take giving you the command of the entire Thalrashkan Army to get you to complete your mission?! DO YOU NEED THE POWER OF ASERIA HERSELF?!

Xane: (he lifted his head away from Candin with a scowl on his face. after a second, he just stopped paying attention to Candin altogether, bringing a whimper from the other man.) I won't stop Aseria from smiting you for a comment like that. Besides.. you couldn't get command for someone like HIM for even one HOUR let alone the months it's going to take him to get back on track with his mission.

Alsaedeis: (FUME, she looks over at Xane.) STOP REMINDING ME HOW LONG IT'S GOING TO TAKE, XANE!

Xane: (croons loudly, and pushes away from Candin. he wanders over towards Alsaedeis, and ducks a little as he circles her, his hands slipping out to rest lightly, fingers curled, around her hips.) Shh... stop screaming, unless my name is involved. Calm yourself, or vent your anger on the one that deserves it..

Alsaedeis: I'm not going to beat him, Xane.

Xane: Can I do it? (a pleading tone in his voice as he leans slowly closer, pressing against her back, and draping his head atop her shoulder, half tilted.)

Alsaedeis: (she smirked lightly, almost as if pondering the thought, but she wasn't... so..) (She shook her head a little, and reached up to pet Xane on the head, running her pale fingers through his dark, scraggly hair.) No... no, I think I should just ... leave him alone for a while. (of course, with her words she meant leave him alone.. completely alone... perhaps in a dark room, with no food, or water.. no bedding.. nothing... perhaps chained to a wall naked, or ankle deep in scorpions or something... maybe to think about what he should be doing. in the mean time, she would send a thalrashkan tracker to find the quarry, and then point her little minion in the right direction. he wasn't as obedient as she thought he should be.... and that needed.. mm.. correcting.)

Xane: You sure I can't 'spend time' with him?

Alsaedeis: Go spend time with your OWN pets, Xane...

Xane: (a small pout on his face, he glared over at Reese.)
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