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To Continue.....

Reese: (He makes no effort to avoid the slap, though he probably could if he wanted to, letting his head roll to the side under the blow. Slap to the head! ^-^) (Narrowing his eyes, he glares off to the side, pressing his lips together in a frown, but says nothing. As far as HE was concerned, the only thing that really got in his way of getting Ferret was Kestrel - or rather, Kestrel's use of magic. When he had followed Winter and Jhayne after returning to the realm, it was only his own reluctance to actually KILL the two women that let them get away from him. He was more than certain he could take down the women, even if they DID try casting magic on him, but with Kestrel thrown into the mix, it brought up difficulties. But to say as much? It would be nothing but an excuse, and he knew well enough that wasn't what Alsaedeis wanted to hear. Better to keep his mouth shut right now, and bring it up at a later time, when she wasn't so hostile.)

Alsaedeis: (she fumes quietly as she backs away from him, her hand perhaps slightly smudged with the blood that he'd been smattered with. she had backed away only a few steps, if even that much, but stopped there. she wrinkled her nose at Reese, and said nothing in response to Xane's comments. she did, however, continue to talk to the bard.) You've followed your target for HOW long, Traverees? HOW LONG? You were in the same ROOM with her, and you just let her leave... (disregarding the fact they had been teleported out, which even if she knew all the details, she wouldn't care anyway... ) Just let her WALK away, Traverees! You should have killed the obstacles! ALL your obstacles! But you let obstacles stop you, and now your quarry is GONE! GONE, Traverees! (she's trembling slightly, her hand threatening to raise again. instead, she turns away from him with a wisp of translucent clothing, and stalks a few paces away, her hands rising at her sides in an angered, rather defeated looking gesture.) How much power are you wanting to weild in order to complete your task? Does it take giving you the command of the entire Thalrashkan Army to get you to complete your mission?! DO YOU NEED THE POWER OF ASERIA HERSELF?!

Xane: (he lifted his head away from Candin with a scowl on his face. after a second, he just stopped paying attention to Candin altogether, bringing a whimper from the other man.) I won't stop Aseria from smiting you for a comment like that. Besides.. you couldn't get command for someone like HIM for even one HOUR let alone the months it's going to take him to get back on track with his mission.

Alsaedeis: (FUME, she looks over at Xane.) STOP REMINDING ME HOW LONG IT'S GOING TO TAKE, XANE!

Xane: (croons loudly, and pushes away from Candin. he wanders over towards Alsaedeis, and ducks a little as he circles her, his hands slipping out to rest lightly, fingers curled, around her hips.) Shh... stop screaming, unless my name is involved. Calm yourself, or vent your anger on the one that deserves it..

Alsaedeis: I'm not going to beat him, Xane.

Xane: Can I do it? (a pleading tone in his voice as he leans slowly closer, pressing against her back, and draping his head atop her shoulder, half tilted.)

Alsaedeis: (she smirked lightly, almost as if pondering the thought, but she wasn't... so..) (She shook her head a little, and reached up to pet Xane on the head, running her pale fingers through his dark, scraggly hair.) No... no, I think I should just ... leave him alone for a while. (of course, with her words she meant leave him alone.. completely alone... perhaps in a dark room, with no food, or water.. no bedding.. nothing... perhaps chained to a wall naked, or ankle deep in scorpions or something... maybe to think about what he should be doing. in the mean time, she would send a thalrashkan tracker to find the quarry, and then point her little minion in the right direction. he wasn't as obedient as she thought he should be.... and that needed.. mm.. correcting.)

Xane: You sure I can't 'spend time' with him?

Alsaedeis: Go spend time with your OWN pets, Xane...

Xane: (a small pout on his face, he glared over at Reese.)
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Reese: (He suffered through her screaming hissy fit with the same silence, shifting only enough to cross his arms over his chest and his weight on one foot. More power? Please - she hadn't really done anything but given him more liabilities. Sure, he couldn't feel pain, but that was as much a hinderence as a asset. And all the rest - well, he really couldn't say much on the rest. He'd always had issues with magics; who knew if she enhanced him or not? *shrug* There wasn't much that he would ASK for - not that he would ask in the first place - would be something to negate Kestrel's magical abilities. Or something that nulled magic in general. Or hell, something to hide his own physical presence. Then he could snipe the bastard from a rooftop or something...) (And he wasn't going to mention that Alsaedeis had requested Ferret ALIVE so she could toy with her sister... _-_''') (He look back at Xane no doubt mirrors the demon's glare. Did I mention he doesn't like Xane?)
Xane: (he pursed his lips, and pulled his hands away from Alsaedeis sharply, the movement perhaps unbalancing her slightly enough to cause her to stumble, but it would be very slight indeed. he'd leave the woman and meander back over towards his own minion, reaching out to twine his fingers roughly in the material of Candin's shirt, near the shoulder.) Fine. Your antics play a hard, tacky second-rate to Candin's anyway. (a turn of his head towards Alsaedeis, and then towards the bard, the glare resuming instantly.) And your methods are the main reasons you fail all the time, Alsaedeis. No wonder you've never claimed a higher rank. It's because you're not ABLE to. Pathetic. (knowing very well she'll get pissed about his words, but he could really care less. he pulled Candin sharply to him, closing the few inches between them.) Get your book, get your bastard, and get the fuck out of my Study.

Alsaedeis: (she did stumble a bit when Xane let her go, but as she was preparing to comment further to Reese, the black haired Nothing spouted off at her. her eyes narrowed sharply, and her fists clenched at her sides. one of those fists shot up a second later, pointing a single slender finger towards Xane.) You watch yourself, Xane Validune! You're not the only one that holds good graces with the Highers, and even Aseria herself. Just because you are the pet of some Second Command doesn't mean that I can't out-do you in a heart beat. I have my own connections.

Xane: Yes, you do. Connections that involve your hand CONNECTING to your book, then to your bard, and then to the door handle. I have connections as well, Lhulgentri Alsaedeis Ashenbow. They include my Staff of Power connecting very sharply to the side of your head, or perhaps my boot connecting hard to your ass on your way out the door! (Xane turned the scowl sharply to Alsaedeis, his grip tightening a bit on Candin, who just stood motionless against his master. what else could he do? Heh..) I may not be the highest of my own Rank, but I know I have power at least two sectioned ranks over you. I suggest you do as you're told, and get the fuck out. If you want to handle this situation, I suggest you STOP acting like a idiot, and put forth a little more effort. (a flick of his eyes to Reese.) And stop depending on this foolish mortal. It's pathetic, considering even if we did convert him wholely, he'd be really little use to us anyway. Youth is best, and he's definately passing his youthful prime.

Alsaedeis: (she sneered at Xane, and crossed a little towards Traverees, then passed him without giving him so much as a glance. of course she expected him to follow her, but whatever.) *YOU* should stop claiming to be so insane, Xane. Moments like this fail to live up to your insistance.

Xane: Insanity is one thing, Alsaedeis. Intelligence is another. They can be combined at any time, rest assured. (he smirked brightly, and dug his nails deep into Candin's flesh through the material of his shirt, causing the minion to wince a little.) Now get the fuck out of my Study. Come back when you're ready to apologize for your idiotic behavior. (he paused, as if thinking.) Oh.. and I changed my mind.

Alsaedeis: (she paused, lifting one brow as she looked back to him, standing near the exit.)

Xane: (smirking even brighter, but so much malice was within the expression it was hardly amusing to look at.) Leave the bard.

Alsaedeis: (frown!)
Reese: (He had little emotion to show during the entire exchange. I mean, come on - what does HE care of the internal politics of the Thalrashka? It's not like he's INTERESTED in climbing the ranks. He's well aware that even if he had the interest, it would never happen. *shrug* And, in the end, did it really matter who was the top dog to him? Well... yes, but it wasn't as if he could do anything about it anyways.) (When Alsaedeis passed him as though to go, he'd let his arms drop from their folded position and shift his weight, not quite turning, but moving to do so, breaking his glare with the Nothing. He did not so much turn his head when Xane spoke, as glance back with just his eyes, then glance towards Alsaedeis. Uh...? No? *sweatdrop* He doesn't show any emotion towards the obvious malice in Xane's eyes, though perhaps a muscle in his cheek twitches...)
(Part One)

Alsaedeis: (The frown still on her face, she turns fully around, and takes several steps back into the main area of the room. a swift waving jerk of her hand, as if dismissing the very thought.) You can have your book, your slave, and your Study, but my collections are not for you amusement, Xane.

Xane: (He smirked widely, and with a small backstep, pushed Candin away again. Poor minion, probably felt just AWFUL being tossed about like this! In any case, Xane would leave the dark haired slave, and start his way, with a swagger, towards the mistress and her pet. he gave a small shake of his head, chin lifting in a haughty movement.) We're not equals, Alsaedeis, as much as you'd LOVE to think it with that pretty little head of yours. I suggest you remember your own place. (a pause, he lingered only perhaps three full steps away from Reese, lifting one hand to curl his fingers just under his chin, a thoughtful look replacing the cruel one, though not by too much.) Human's are so easy to kill... are you worried that, if I killed him, you'd die too? What with your little spells and all, Alsaedeis... I'd be worried too. But, alas.... it's not MY fault you put such contactive spells on such a frail little creature. (still with the thoughtful look on his face, his fingers pressing lightly to his chin before falling away. he'd direct his eyes straight at Reese.) As your own Master, I command that you give up your concerns, and depart. You have been dismissed four times over, and that's a generosity I'm not used to giving.

Alsaedeis: (She scowled, and stalked up beside Reese, not even bothering to look at him, as if he was just, perhaps, a chair they were battling over for a seating arrangement. she did, however, point a finger sharply at him, her blazing eyes squared on the Thalrashkan experiment before her.) Do you actually think that I would give you such a thing that could ... Do you have ANY idea what this human means to my existance, and to my plans, Xane?

Xane: (raises a brow, though his thoughtful expression fell away into disamusement. softly, but coldly.) Insubordination does not become you, Alsaedeis.

Alsaedeis: (SCOWL.)

Xane: You made the mistake in thinking that you were my partner.. my EQUAL, of all things. People like you take those simple things for granted, and look at you now! So flustered at the fact your petty little thoughts turned out to be so false. You're not my equal, Alsaedeis. You're my plaything.. my slave... my minion.... Obedient to a fault, yet sharply spirited, and flighty. It's why I requested you, really. (he drawled out, lolling his eyes upward towards the ceiling, his expression falling into a bored state... as if he was recounting some drab experience in his life that he cared little about.) Oh sure, it was amusing enough at first, and I can't say that I regret any of the moments of fun we've had together, both in and out of the bed-chamber. But really, Alsaedeis, do you ever think you'd have been anything more than a minion to me? A slave for my own amusement? Your plans... or at least, that dribble you keep spouting, really mean nothing to me. I was GOING to play nice until you left, but you disamused me, and set me astir. Sorry. (he lowered his gaze back to her, and then to the bard in turn.) But I believe your hands are no longer needed on the reins of this matter. This mission is TOO IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO FUCK UP! (his eyes narrowed and he jerked them back to the woman as he ended his sentence.) I have my own orders, Alsaedeis, and frankly, you aren't in them. But your little pet here is, and I've all rights, and privaleges to remove him from your hold. Oh sure, you'll still keep your own rank, sad as it is, but you're not required anymore. You're just an anchor for him. That's all.
Reese: (He tends to keep his eyes on Xane, rather than Alsaedeis, keeping his gaze just shy of a glare. Hard as that may be. ^-^ And can we say that he REALLY doesn't like the direction this conversation is going? Yes... yes we can...)
(Part Two)

Alsaedeis: (her eyes narrowed, but they looked a little troubled, perhaps worried.) I *can* remove my magic, you know.

Xane: I'll kill you if you do. I don't need the human to do that. (he rolled his eyes.) One word, or even just one thought, and you would be a twisted, bloody pile of flesh and organs on the floor. You don't want to tempt me. As I said, I have my own orders.

Alsaedeis: (she shook her head, and straighted up a bit, turning her back to all figures in the room. one hand rested lightly on her hip, nails digging softly into the flesh through the thin material that clung to her.)

Xane: If it's any consolation, Alsaedeis, my dear... We can still have wild, randy, bloody sex every other day. I'm sure my schedule won't be THAT busy. (a smirk.)

Alsaedeis: (Arrogant fool...) (She shrugged, and then waved her hand absently, the free one that is.) Who am *I* to disregard orders... (was the only thing she said. it sounded very sarcastic.)

Xane: Oh, and just in case either of you die.. (he said, as if talking about the weather.) I'll probably just severe the magic. (he said with a smirk, giving no answers to EITHER of them as to exactly HOW he planned to do that.. considering the way the magic was entwined between the two beings.) In any case... You are dismissed AGAIN, Alsaedeis.

Alsaedeis: (shrugging again, she simply began to walk away, heading for the door. she didn't even look back at Xane... the bard.. and definately not Candin.)

Xane: I'll be by later. (he called softly after her, his voice turning coy once more.) I'll expect sex. (again, as if talking about the weather. XD!!) (he turned his eyes to Reese.) Well now... (a slow.. devious... very frightening.. very wide.. smile appeared upon his handsome, if derranged, features.)

Candin: (lingers in the background.. pouting slightly.)

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*sever... to break a connection.... severe... when you're talking about bad weather.... *weg*

Reese: (He glances away from Xane to the shorter, silver-haired Lhulgentri when she turns away from them. As far as he had known, or rather, had experienced, that connection between them only worked one way... he had never seen a sign that if *he* died, it would kill *her*... or perhaps he was simply blind to the signs. It was an interesting though to keep in mind. However... he wasn't exactly worried about that at the moment. To be truthful, he was rather hoping Alsaedeis would continue to push the matter, and get herself smeared on the floor as a result. With hope, it would have ended HIS sorry existance in this mess. But, damnit, the woman had too much survival instinct, and when she turned away to leave his glance after her turned into a glare. He certainly didn't expect her to defend him, he was well aware of her thoughts on him - or at least the thoughts she openly shared - but he was not one bit pleased about her leaving the room after Xane had demanded her to leave HIM in her place...) (As Xane speaks again, more directly towards the bard, his eyes shift once more, and he directs a far more open glare at the Thalrashka, a muscle in his cheek twitching again. He makes not effort to hide his opinion on this matter... not that Xane couldn't have guessed it from the beginning, anyways.... ^-^!)
Alsaedeis: (woot... she's out the door now, but not before slamming it behind her, displaying a little more of her anger in this matter. the two lamps that are affixed to the wall on either side of the door frame rattle their discontent. outside in the hallway that is beyond the door, it is almost dark. there are no lights to speak of, but an eerie glow that seems to come from no where, yet is everywhere at once. the woman stands with her hands at her sides, clenched into fists, and her eyes are narrowed. This was a stunt that Xane had dared not pull before.... what was his game? obviously, letting her follow her own path was out of the question. As much as she knew the treachery within the Ranks themselves, she was appalled by the fact that she was no longer considered an equal partner. Was she ever? Feh. She grits her teeth angrily, and turns to the left, stepping away, out into the hall itself. Xane ... she couldn't defeat him in combat, so the only thing to do was comply with his orders... for now, anyway. if he wanted to "play rough" she would play... she'd play him right into a trap. Feh! with a hateful glare cast back to the door behind her, she continued on down the hall, her feet stomping like an angry child upon the floor beneath her, small creatures that looked like rats scattered away from her steps... Xane would NOT screw this up for her. She wouldn't have gotten leave for this if there wasn't something to be gained out of it.. she should have known that much... the glare turned into a devious smirk upon the whitened features as she moved further down the hall. If Xane wanted to play dirty, she could play dirty. ...... Oh yes.. It was time to pay a visit to Inquzt. Yes, indeed.....)


Candin: (Still lingering in the background, he looked oddly out of place at the moment... he said nothing, as was his place, and taking a step or two back, he went to propping himself up against the side of the desk once more. he merely watched with his cunning eyes, and pouted with his talented mouth.)

Xane: (he lifted a hand to wave it idly in Reese's direction, then crossed his arms tightly over his chest.) You know what... you can glare at me all you want, but that's not going to change your pathetic little destiny, is it? That old saying.. "If Looks Could Kill"...? Well, your not doing a very good job. Put some effort behind it. (he paused, watching the bard a moment, then his eyes shift towards the door.) If you hated doing HER bidding, you're going to hate MY bidding even more. (his eyes jerk back to the bard, seriousness playing hard across his handsome, derranged face.) Let's get a few things straight, you fuck.. I do my job for the perks, and the kicks. What I want is what I like. And what I like is pain, torture, blood, and death. Your role in the Thalrashkan service is key, and you're going to play the actor in this play whether you like it or not. I have more than enough ways to make you comply, though I'll be the first to admit some of those ways are growing old, or useless. It's hardly fun to torture someone who doesn't seem to feel it anymore, eh? I'm sure you've found this a mild reprieve, but I have ways of getting around this. Are you listening? (narrowing his eyes towards the bard.)

Candin: (he leaned a little further back, peering around Xane towards the human. Xane DID have ways of making those who couldn't feel pain FEEL pain... hard ways that wound up ripping your fucking mind apart, and leaving the pieces left wondering what the hell happened. Xane had ways to make the most powerful men fall into a state of shock, confusion, and panic. Perhaps it was the fact that, even if you did resist.. hellfire, even if you DID 'kill' Xane.. he'd still come back to try and kill YOU again. Xane was a complex.. .machine, if you will... and it took a little more than gutting him, or breaking his neck to kill him. Magic was useless against him, to a point. He was immune, unless it suited his situation to NOT be immune. Such a creature that could never die, yet was never truly alive to begin with. Hmm... maybe that was why he liked him so much? Devotion could be an evil thing...)
Reese: (He never bothered looking back towards the elfin woman as she left the room, knowing full well that she WAS leaving and wasn't looking back. Not that a part of him didn't expect it, the part of him that wasn't so empathic towards her own emotions and feelings on this situation - he knew full well that she viewed him as nothing more than a puppet and a hand with which to do her dirty deeds. And that Xane, certainly, viewed him as less... he probably couldn't think of just how he could compare how little Xane thought of him with anything else. No doubt that was why he much rather preferred being with Alsaedeis... magical leash not standing.) (Author not recalling whether or not our happy bard is or is not virgin to Xane's attentions all together, he stands there silently during the little speech, stilling that muscle that insists on revealing his inner thoughts on the matter. Not that his glare doesn't give him away or anything. ^_^") (Softly, just above a whisper, really:) Only because I have to.

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