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Ferret: (Takes towel.. says nothing... she does, however, start drying her hair with the end edge of the thing. she looks to her children, and smiles faintly. see... didn't I tell you mommy could provide for you, my sweet dumplings? Rawr...) (^-^ I'm so crazy I scare myself.)
Ayanna: (feverishly toweling her hair off... bwaha! she blinks, and looks out from under the towel when Dorvhal pokes his head out of the doorway. O.O Holy shit.. it's a big frog! That's what it is... see, Arryn? Mom? Lookit! Big frog.... she wondered absently if there was another frog in the kitchen. They made the same kinda noise.... )
Jhayne: (takes the towel with her free hand, and tosses it over her shoulder. a slight, thankful nod to Aaron. she looks toward the door at the voices, and gives a small chuckle. this was definately going to be an... experience. She'd probably need some therapy somewhere down the line of life. she turned her eyes back to Aaron.) Though the thought of food does sound nice.. (said softly.) ... I think I might decline for now. I'd much prefer a blanket, and a place to rest my body. (Pause.) .. and this weapon. (glances to the sword.)
Kestrel: (rolls his eyes at Mishka's voice. dear gods... she knew he was here. ugh. He really WAS never going to hear the end of this... he absently hoped she wouldn't attempt a 'hug' any time soon.. though it wasn't anything resembling a hug.. more like he was trying to wrestle with a great black bear, or perhaps an ice dragon or something. at receiving the towel, he said nothing to the boy. he looked at his boots, and then sighed, and covered his head entirely with the towel. ..... ) ... maybe I should have just offered to stay behind and DIE for the cause..? (a sudden shrug of shoulders would indicate he was amused, and snickering ruefully at himself.)

Aaron: (The boy glances down towards the sword along with Jhayne, and nods slowly, linking his hands before him, the large sleeves of his tunic falling down over his hands.) Come this way, then. (Turning and moving towards the doorway, his bare feet squishing slightly on the wet floor.)
Winter: (She took the towel without a word, and hasn't really done anything with it except hold on to it - still leaning back against the wall, eyes half-closed.)
Arryn: (He would pull the towel out of his eyes and wrap it around his head and shoulders like a little hood and follows Aaron without a word, trusting in the way only children can.)
~(Through the doorway lies a large kitchen, with a proper table at one side, although the chairs are pushed out of the way. Probably where the troll peoples eat. Anyways, Mishka is pulling bowls out of the cupboard, her large hands suprisingly nimble, considering the size of the bowls. There is a sink to one side that is half-full of soapy water, dirty dishes from the previous lunch that Raien had mentioned while they were still outside. On the other side of the kitchen is yet another doorway, but all that can be seen is a wall through the thresh hold. It's probably a hallway leading down to another room.)
Winter: (Doesn't move to follow Aaron. La la la~ I'll just fall asleep here, thank you very much...)
Aaron: Some would rather rest first, Mishka...
Mishka: (The large troll half-turns towards Aaron when he speaks, her eyebrows (or eye ridges, really, since she doesn't actually have hair there) rising slightly.) (A blink and a bemused smile aimed towards the half-Lhulgentri boy, and towards anyone who followed him into the kitchen. She's really much less frightening than her mate - at least her teeth don't stick out all over the place. XD!) Of course! Take to de rooms and give robes, yes? Eat when yor ready. (another bright smile towards Arryn.)
Dorvhal: (He peeks into the room again, a large bundle of cloth grasped in one meaty fist.) Help yor fader close de gates, son. We can do de rest.
Aaron: (He hesitates a moment, then nods deeply to the troll and backs out of the kitchen again. Boy, they're just bossing him around, aren't they? ^-^!)

Ayanna/Ferret: (they both moved after Arryn, following like sheep. Ayanna does so because her brother does... Ferret does so because she's not about to let her children go off and get put in some room where she doesn't know where they're at. o.O ... or stuck in some fucking monster's food pot or something. XD!)
Jhayne: (Follows, but pauses as Aaron is instructed to run elsewhere. when he departs, she lets her eyes travel to the one Aaron called Mishka. character absently thinking other author is right in speaking about how she's less frightening than her mate. ^-^' she just stands there, unsure what to do. she was tired, and desperately in need of mental rest... good gods, would someone just let them go to sleep already? u.u ) (I love you people, but holy fuck a duck...)
Kestrel: (listening to the footfalls move off away from him, he peers out from under the towel covering his head without too much curiousity showing. he blinks, seeing Winter out of the corner of his eye, and turns his gaze to her. at this point, Aaron is still in the kitchen area. he purses his lips slightly.) Winter? (pause.) I know that the pallets they set up might suck ass, but I think the vertical 'sleeping' might make you a very cranky person when you finally DO wake up. (reaches up with his left hand, slowly, and starts to dry his hair a bit. he hasn't moved from his position on the floor.... seems he's content with that right now.)

Winter: (she blinks and glances down at Kestrel when he speaks, the glazed expression passing briefly as she realizes that the man just spoke to her. u.u) (A faint twitch of her lips that could be counted as a smile... she's just too tired to smile all the way. Her voice quiet as she replies: ) Dun think a doorstop er shooscraper'll be too pleasent, neither.
Aaron: (He rounds the corner into the mess hall at this point in the conversation, pausing at the sight of Kestrel still sitting just past his door stop, before continuing and stepping around him with a murmured "Excuse me" in order to step back out into the room. The door opens outwards, so the elven man won't get smacked in the back of the head with a door or anything...)
Dorvhal: (His eyes trail after the boy a moment before turning back to the small family and smiling without showing his teeth. Lowering his gaze to the bundle he has in one hand, he picks out one robe from the bunch and holds it out to Arryn, who would probably be in the lead.) Dis is big for yoo. But yoo will grow into it, yes?
Arryn: (He reaches out with one hand and accepts the robe, childish features breaking out into a bright smile.) Yeah.
Dorv: Good! Come dis way den. (He backs into the hallway and motions the travelers to turn to their left down the hallway - it's obvious that this portion of the building is older, by the color of wood and the fact that the hallway is almost too narrow for the large beast to properly turn about in. If he went first, he might not be able to back out again. ^-^.) De library ez dusty, but dere ez plenty of room. Yoo kin change dere and sleep on de pallets.
Arryn: (Kay! He'll move to go right where Dorv tells them to if no one stops him. Ah, the innocence of chillens deze days...)
Mishka: (she chuckles to herself without saying anymore to the travelers, busying herself with whatever it was she was busying herself with. :\)
Winter: (Mooo.... she pushes off the wall a little stiffly and bundles the towel up before her chest, more hugging the towel than using it to dry off.)

Ayanna: (follows, quietly frowning at the fact Arryn got handed something and SHE didn't... u_u... stupid little brother... always getting special treatment just because he was all small and cute and stuff.... stupid... stupid stuff! grr argh...)
Ferret: (follows, also quiet, but not frowning. she just wants to get somewhere so she can put the children to bed, so she can stand guard so these big things couldn't eat them... er... wait... no, she wanted to put the kids to bed so SHE could go to bed too.. yeah, that was it.. yeah... -.-)
Jhayne: (Follows the ones in front of her, saying, also, nothing at all. this place looked lived in, and that was a good thing. lived in, and still standing... definately a plus. either people just overall left this place alone, or it had good defenses. either way, she didn't really care all that much. (mental blink) did he just say LIBRARY? Hmn.. that could prove interesting. another one of her 'tasks' she had originally departed Second Serynia for was knowledge. Of course, she'd come to know alot since she left, and not all of it was about how to bleed all over things, get poisoned, and walk around like a drowned rat with insane freaks following you. o.O She learned about the commonwealth of alot of lands, about their peoples, their cultures... perhaps now, with a library under her hands, she'd be able to learn more? but... but, they weren't here to 'learn more'.. they were here as a result of them fleeing for her lives. and she silently reminded herself to never forget that fact...) (sword drag...)
Kestrel: (blinks, still slowly drying his hair. he doesn't even let his eyes follow Aaron as he 'excuses' himself past. he just stares ahead now. when Winter pushes from the wall, he pauses his hair-drying, and pulls the towel away from his head.) Hard to dry off when you don't use the thing. (said in a half-hearted jest, he holds out his own towel.) Take this, then. I don't really don't need it. (((pause) .. it smells kinda girly.. I don't think I like it...)) (pause) It doesn't have any blood on it, I promise. (another pause..) Okay, maybe a little of it... but not enough to matter...

Winter: (She stares down at him, twists her lips in a bemused expression before reaching out to take the towel from him.) Git up, weirdo. Ah'm not draggin' you after them. (Snorts and shuffles into the kitchen, tacking herself onto the tail end of the group and bundling Kestrel's towel up to her chest as well. Brrr, cold. Poike!)
Dorvhal: (The giant would offer a robe to each person as they pass him, still smiling without showing his teeth. I would imagine he's a bit frightening up close. At least he doesn't smell like a wet dog... doesn't really smell like anything at all...)
~(Down the hallway in the direction Dorv indicated there is only one door, open, and inside there are six or so pallets laid out on the floor in a large room edged with bookshelves. One table is pushed up against the wall, apparently once in the center from the scrapes on the wooden floor. There is a lantern resting on the table, and one hanging on a hook overhead. It seems like this room may not be visited often, for it certainly is dusty and smells like an old library. The room is sorta L shaped, extending to their right and then back behind them. In that direction the light doesn't really reach, but it looks as though it might have been converted into storage space, for there is a bundle of cloth-covered objects that can barely be seen from the lantern light.)
Arryn: (Picking a pallet at random, he plops down on the thin matress (futon! XD!) and rubs the towel vigorously through his hair. Arr!)
Winter: (Mmm... robeness...)
Raien: (Behind Kestrel the door would open again, this time admiting the older man who had greeted them at the gate. Shutting the door firmly behind him, he immediately shakes his head like a wet dog, splattering droplets of water every where before bending over to take it up the ass! care for his muddy shoes.) (Says nothing.)

Ayanna: (grabs one of the pallets closest to her brother, and takes that one. o.O grunts a little childish grunt as she situates herself upon it, towel in one hand, robe-ish-ness in the other. she doesn't proceed to dry her hair at all. she just sits there, watching stuff.)
Ferret: (She takes a pallet close to her children, and drops her robe upon it. taking her own towel, which was kinda wet already because of her, she steps over and kneels down behind Ayanna. reaching, without comment, she starts toweling off her child's hair, disregarding the protests of the youngster.) (looks to Arryn, almost absently.) You're getting your bed all wet, Arryn...
Jhayne: (stepping within, she shoulders the robe over the towel, which kinda defeats the purpose of it being a dry set of clothes for her. the towel helps to keep it kinda shielded from her soaked self. she drags the sword behind her for a ways, and then stops at one of the empty pallets. she bends down to carefully lay the sword upon said pallet before moving to another empty one, and standing practically ON the damned thing. -_-;; uh.. I can't change in here...? u.u not everyone knows my secret bat-cave-esque identity! Except old Alfred, but I plan on killing him sometime in the near future.. er... I mean... ) (she glances around slowly, pondering about the extension/storage space, and possibly using it as a bit of a 'shield' to hide behind to change. she glances toward the door, and walks a little back toward it, stepping a little to the side if this movement puts her in Winter's entranceway at all. either way, she'd go back closer to the door again.) (softly, obviously talking to Dorvhal.) Thank you, again, for your kindness. I know we may not really seem it right this moment, but we're all very grateful for everything you've done.
Kestrel: (doesn't seem to mind/notice/give a rat's ass about any 'shower' he might get from said droplets. Damn you, I just dried my hair too, you bastard! ... actually... no..? (snortle)) (he'd drawn the knee opposite his injured side up slightly, as if he had prepared to stand, but he wasn't moving even as Raien opened the door, closed it, shook himself like a wet dog, and tended to his nasty shoes. he did, however, raise one narrow brow.) (almost as if said absently:) You could just wipe your shoes off on me, you know. I think I'd pull the mud better than that stupid foot mat thing just there.. (a slight nod, as if he were nodding at the mat, but it doesn't really LOOK like he's nodding at anything except himself. XD!)

Raien: If your aspirations in life rise no higher than beating your adversaries in stupid foot mat things, I'm not surprised to find you bleeding all over the place. (Setting his shoes to one side and squatting next to the elf, resting his elbows on his thighs.) The competition's pretty fierce. (Raising a brow back at Kestrel.) Want a hand in getting up?
Mishka: (At the doorway of the kitchen, the female giant appears, silently wiping her hands on a large hand towel and simply watches without saying anything.)
Dorvhal: (He had shuffled a little ways after the group as they made their way into the room, a dark shape that blocked much of the light from further down the hall, but enough light reached him that Jhayne would be able to see his face. He smiles gently at her, resting one broad hand on the wall to his right.) Thanks come later, holivon. Rest now, talk later. If not at dinner, then breakfast, yes? (He nods to himself.) Yes. Rest now. (Knuckling his forehead once again, he begins to back down the hallway, glancing over his shoulder to make sure no one is behind him.)
Winter: (Jhayne had not been in her way, but she paused when the priest stepped up to thank the orc. She turns and blinks sleepily after the giant, and then sighs deeply, hanging her head and looking towards the pallets. The dry corner she was asking for.... hugging the two towels to herself, she shuffles to one off to the side and kneels at the foot of it, resting the robe and one towel to one side and begins drying off her head and shoulders.)
Arryn: (He rolls off the pallet and drops the towel, tugging off his little shirt and haphazardly tosses it to one side. Arr, robeness! Even though the damn thing is at least three sizes too large, he seems happy enough to pull it on and wiggle his dongle out of his wet pants.)

Kestrel: (a slight lazy grin that could just barely be seen through the material covering his features, he shakes his head a bit.) Of course not. It's bad enough I let Jhayne and your sprout carry all my crap. (he trailed a bit, the grin fading just a little.) Besides... I want to add some stains to the floor for Slate to fuss over later. (grunts, and starts to push himself to his feet. needless to say, he doesn't get far before he just sits back down.)... yup.
Jhayne: (nods.) Yes. Surely at breakfast, then. (she started to turn away, then paused for a moment. shaking her head a little, she continued on. she completely turned from Dorvhal, reaching a hand up for the robe. it might get a little wet, but she decided then how she'd change her clothes. walking back to her pallet, she threw the robe on, and began to mimic Arryn's own 'wiggly-ness' as she quietly removed herself of her clothing beneath the shielding of the robe. she felt a little weird doing it like that, but in a room such as this, there was little choice. but... it felt like she had an audiance.. (giggle))
Ayanna: (she frumps a bit as her hair is dried, but gets over it shortly after. she becomes fascinated by the robe-thing in her hands, and starts picking a little at the material. of course, she was bored of that by the time her mother stood up, preparing to dress herself in her own robe. Ayanna yawned, and lay the robe down beside her, looking up at her mom, and ignoring the talking of the other people in the room.) No soup..?
Ferret: (she smiled down at Ayanna as she reached up to pull the shoulder of her outfit down a bit... Uh.. Ferret.. PUT THE ROBE ON FIRST!! (shields eyes, but peeks between fingers.)..) When you wake up, I'm sure you'll have some of the soup. (starts to take off her clothes...)
Jhayne: Ferret...? (Blushing a little, like a chaste little school boy who stood too often outside a girl's locker room.)
Ferret: ...? Whu--? (blinkity. her gown practically half off, she turned her head to look at Jhayne.) o.O?
Jhayne: (turning eyes politely away, she reaches out with her shirt, which was now off of her, and in her hand, considering she was fully clad in the robe thingy now.) As lovely as you might think yourself, we all don't need to witness ... that. (pause.) Just.. just put the robe on first, alright? (Gee, and to think, she'd been wondering about where to change at, and Ferret here was going nudist on them all... damnit.)

Winter: (She smiles slightly at Ferret's actions and Jhayne's blushing, but does the same as Jhayne and Arryn - pulling the robe on and shimmying out of her pants and shirt.)
Arryn: (zonk, snore. He's sleepy. u.u)
Winter: (She lays the clothing to the side along with the towels, and curls up on top of the blankets without bothering to crawl under them. She curls up on her side and closes her eyes to sleep without a word to anyone. Niiiiiiice.... warm. ^-^)
Raien: (He hooks a hand under the warrior priest's arm and helps haul him to his feet, easily supporting the taller man's weight. He would help Kestrel get into the kitchen, if he needs help with it, guiding him to one of the chairs that is pushed up against the wall.)
Mishka: (She would move out of their way, heading back to stove to pull a kettle off the heat and pour a cup of tea w/a smidgeon of alcohol. Mmmm. Alcohol. *drool*. She, also, says nothing.)
Dorvhal: (He re-enters the kitchen and wipes a broad hand over his skull, stopping just inside the doorway. A low, grumbling noise in the back of his throat that almost sounds like he's ready to hock a loogey.) (a long pause) Why, ah... do yoo bring children with you, Kestrel?

Ayanna: (changes her clothes.... doesn't make too much of an event with it... that's about all. lays down, but doesn't go to sleep right away. she's watching her ma...)
Ferret: (shrugs, but does as she's instructed. soon, she's dressed, and lays down as well, staring toward her children. she smiles to Ayanna, and then softly speaks to the lil girl.) Go to sleep, sweetie.
Jhayne: (shakes head, and lays her clothes off to the side. she glances toward Kestrel's pallet as she lays down, staring at the lonely sword that lay there. a sigh, she closed her eyes.. and that was it.)
Kestrel: (hauled up, he grunts heavily, and half-squints an eye as he's helped into the kitchen, and settled to a chair. sitting back in said chair, he stretches one leg straight out, as if perhaps it hurt to keep it bent. he also was rubbing one arm a little with the opposite hand, the one that had been damn near broken in his fighting. a nod to Raien, he looked toward Dorvhal with a weary expression, and then closed his eyes halfway.) It was either bring them, or let them die. I think I have too much blood of the youth on my hands as it is. (a pause. it doesnt really seem that he's going to say anything else, but... oh! he does!... softly: ) .. besides, they're all friends, I guess.

Mishka: (Holding the tiny (in her hands, anyways) mug gently, she brings it over to the wounded man and offers it to him. The tea/cohol (XD!) is just one of those night-cap things that people drink before they head off to bed. Not that Kestrel probably NEEDS something to put him to sleep, but a bit of alcohol probably wouldn't do his body bad right now.) Vhat ez it that yoo run from?
Raien: (He shakes his head slightly, straightening from how he helped Kestrel move about and crossing his arms over his chest again. It's a bit unnerving how similar he seems to his old man, the way he looks AND moves.) Talk like that can wait. If there's nothing immediately sitting on your tail, then we can wait until Slate returns before speaking of these things.
Dorvhal: (He pauses with his hand still on top of his skull, large eyes turned downward towards the floor.) (slowly) Dere ez not'ing outside.
Mishka: Or ve would smell it. (tacking her words on to the end of her mate's sentence, almost as though they are sharing the same thought, which they may very well be.)

Kestrel: (taking the offered mug from Mishka's larger hands, and gives her a faint nod of thanks for it.) (his eyes to Raien, despite the briefest glances to Mishka.) (thinking: ... evil doesn't have a smell... ) (low, and after taking a sniff at the mug in his hands: ) .. it would be kind of a waste of everyone's time if I rattled this crap off two, three, or ten times. (pause. stares at the mug, frowning a little. resting the mug on a knee, he holds it with one hand, the other reaching up and giving a forceful jerk of his mask downward. he didn't care about 'letting them see'... they've probably seen it before anyway. ^-^ yay for scar-ness! Rawr. that done, he lifts the mug and takes an unhesitant swig.)

Raien: (Certainly they're seen it before, or at least the half-lings have, and if Raien didn't see it back when he was a child it sure wouldn't disturb him now. He turns slightly away from the elven warrior, looking back towards the actual mess hall.) And you need to conserve your energy.
Mishka: (She seems pleased now that Kestrel has taken the tea/cohol, stepping backward and moving back toward the sink so that she can finish up the dishes from lunch.)
Dorvhal: (He seems vaguely unpleased with this, but does not push the subject, dropping his hand back down to his side. Another grumble in the back of his throat, he moves towards the doorway to the mess hall, large form nearly silent on the wooden floor.) I vill stay out by de gate.
Raien: (A silent nod of his head, unmoving, and not speaking. If Kestrel chooses to say anymore, he will answer questions, but otherwise will do no more than help the warrior to his pallet if he chooses to go there.)

Kestrel: (Conserve energy... that was kind of a pointless statement there, Raien. he didn't argue it, in any case. sipping at the mug, he doesn't say anything to the departing Mishka or Dorvhal, nor the hovering Raien. he didn't really have anything to say.. nothing to ask.. he didn't really care for idle chit-chat things like 'How's life? You doing okay these days? Seeing anyone...? Do you want to start?' ... that kind of stuff just wasn't appealing right now, considering the circumstances. he'd finish off the mug in a surprisingly small amount of time, and just rest it on the thigh of his stretched-out leg. god.. if he laid down on a pallet, he thought it'd be harder to get up. BUT.. if he sat in this chair, his blood might crust him to it or something. contemplating on which route would be best, he lifted his eyes toward the kitchen entrance. yeah... a glance toward Raien, he lifted his free hand and made a small effort to put his masking haphazardly back in place. damn.. he really didn't want to move. he didn't say anything to Raien, still.... and he didn't seem like he planned on it. right now, he's not even looking at him anymore, he's looking at the floor.. more specifically, he's looking at his stuck-out foot.) (silent... he's probably falling alseep in the chair.. so...)

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