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Now alone in the Cathedral, the bard lets his hands drop to his sides, still glaring in the direction the children HAD been, though no longer were. He could sense magic well enough to know exactly what had happened - that they had been teleported out of his grasp. FAR out of his grasp, he was sure. They had been planning on leaving when they pulled him up out of the basement, so it seemed only logical that the group was no longer within the Cathedral, or even within the CrossRealms. Which... well, sucked, really. Especially since he also was certain that it was Xane outside.

He let his eyes wander back towards the doors that led outside to the demons beyond, his frown fading. Who were those children? There was something.... something he couldn't quite touch on in his memory... were they familiar? He wasn't certain. Did he KNOW them? There was no way he could really remember. Those two were the ones Winter had spoken of... obviously, there weren't any other children wandering around the halls that Kestrel had zapped out to who-knew-where. With their hair coloring, they could have been Winter's... but she hadn't SPOKE of them as though they were hers. Did she even HAVE children? They looked old enough that he would have remembered them... if they were hers... long before .......

Reese frowned again and turned towards the hallway Winter had left out of, the one half-hidden behind a now-blood flecked tapestry. She had brought them out from behind there - perhaps he could find something on the other side that could... refresh his memory? Or perhaps lead to some kind of clue as to where they went. So he slugged through the blood, back through the shield that STILL held (as Winter's staff hadn't been transported, too) and up the stairs into the upper hallway. For the next hour or so he peeked randomly through the doors, checking out the mostly empty rooms, until he happened upon the one that the dysfunctional 'family' had lived in for the last few weeks. It was obvious that it WAS lived in, considering the dirty dishes in the kitchen - that, and the half-colored pictures that sat on the table, obviously from a child's hand.

He pulled the door partially closed behind him before moving towards the table, pausing by its side to lightly rest his fingers on one picture and turn it more upright to his view. It looked like a lizard, or a child's version of a lizard, scribbled in purple and colored mostly green with a little blue. Another frown touched his lips, and he tilted his head to the side, staring down at it. No, it wasn't it lizard - it was a dragon, though the wings weren't really defined. It wasn't half-bad, actually. Well, considering in most cases you had to ASK the kid what they drew; if one could figure out what it was at first glance, it was pretty good. He pushed the picture back to where it had been, ignoring the other and turning his attention towards one of the bedrooms. The first two yeilded nothing, little more than tousled beds and the curtains of one window pulled shut tight. On the other side, though, the first bedroom he entered obviously the one the children had stayed in. Again, pictures were scattered almost haphazardly on a small table in one corner, where the two had no doubt been collecting their images. He didn't bother looking through them - other than that, there was nothing in the room that really warranted investigation. A bag of jax and a doll didn't exactly tell him anything more than the crayola colorings did.

He was assaulted by a slight breeze when he pushed open the last door, as the window on the wall had been left pushed open. The curtains fluttered slightly with each breath of air, bringing the faint scent of the outdoors. Which contrasted greatly to the scent of blood that he couldn't exactly get rid of at the moment. >.< In this room, again, there was nothing that told him anything save for a pile of crumbled and shuffled papers on a small table, along with a vial of ink and a quill. None of the papers said anything - as though the writer had begun a thought and instantly became disatisfied after the first word. He only shuffled through them a moment before turning aside - it was obvious he'd find nothing there. The only other item left in the room was a small box on the bedside table.

The cover of the box was intricately carved, a rich cherry colored wood depicting a mountain scene overlaid with a celtic cross. He ran his finger lightly over the carvings, frowning lightly. Here, again, was something he couldn't quite wrap his mind around - only this he knew he HAD seen before, perhaps it had even BEEN his ... but he could attach any kind of value to it, whether it had really meant something to him in order to tote it around for any number of years. Then he tipped the lid upwards, and frowned deeper at the silver flute that lay within, slowly begining to tarnish from lack of polish. This, though, he didn't move to touch, almost as though he wasn't certain what WOULD happen if he did. Why wouldn't they have taken this with them? Something made of silver, musical instrument or not, was still of value and useful as an item of trade. It would even be cut up and melted down. Not that HE would do such a thing. But nevertheless it was a thought.

Well, the whole trip ended up fairly useless. Not finding any sign of whether or not the troupe had a destination in mind certainly didn't help in the action of FINDING them again. The only thing he DID find was his brace of daggers, which really would have been a pain to search out if it wasn't for the fact that the magic attached to the one was too easy for him to follow. Yeah, just follow the rising sensation of nausea. >.< And so, sticking the one back "in his pants" and tossing the brace over his shoulder, he'd wander back down stairs over an hour later, to lightly push open one of the doors that made up the entrance to the Cathdral, and display the bloody scene within to those still waiting outside. Hopefully not to step on them rutting. >.<

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('whether or not they had a destination in mind' was amusing, to say the least, considering that when Kestrel had transported them far from the reaches of the CrossRealms and its inhabitants, he had only a direction, not an actual destination. amusing, really...)

(Actually, no. Xane and Candin are NOT rutting on the steps outside the Cathedral. Quite the contrary, Candin is nestled half in/half out of his master's lap, and Xane is stroking his hand slowly over the other's dark hair.)

Xane: (His back, as well as Candin's was turned to the Cathedral doors, but he could hear it open. He could also smell the tangy, metallic scent of blood heavy in the air, and knew exactly whom it belonged. his lip curled up slightly, but he was, by far, smiling. he continued to run his fingers along Candin's hair slowly, his eyes slightly down-turned. author having really forgotten exactly what the two were doing/talking about since she doesn't have the text anymore... he had heard the ruckus inside... and with a mental shake of his head, wished he could tell that stupid monster bitch a good 'I Told You So'. he didn't lift his eyes back when the door was opened.) Alsaedeis commands your return. (was all he said at that time)

Candin: (he was smiling to himself, however small the expression was. one of his arms was hooked under Xane's leg, and the other was draped over the top, hand slipping between his master's legs, and clutching almost lovingly to an inner thigh. he, also, didn't look up/back when the door opened, but he couldn't smell the blood as sharply as Xane could. he said nothing as Xane talked; it wasn't his place. he was busy... reaquainting himself with his newly redesigned self. ah, the joys of being a minion! o.O)
Reese: (Well, that certainly didn't surprise him. Eventually she was goign to want him back, and though he prefered later over sooner, he knew that with her prize yet again slipping through his fingers, she would want to 'reiterate' just how badly she wanted her twin sister. That, or something else had come up. He hoped it was a something that put her in a 'not so good yet not bad mood'.) (He, however, said nothing in response, instead pushing the door half-closed behind him and wiping a bit of blood off his hand and onto the door.)
Xane: (He continued to pet, and caress his little minion's hair, tugging on a few strands here and there, and pressing some between his thumb, and index finger. at the silence, which didn't surprise HIM, he tilted his head, and cast a glance back at the human bard, leering a little bit.) I would have come in and *PERSONALLY* reclaimed you, you see, but I simply *abhor* churches, and all their affiliations. You understand. (a small pause, his lips finally twirked into a smile-esque creation that was as frightening as it was handsome on such a man's features.) At least you've had your iron for the day...

Candin: (he chuckled softly, but otherwise said, and did, nothing. he was content to lay in his master's lap like the slightly undead puppy thing he was. ^-^! author asking other author for some recap text between Xane/Candin/Seyhiir just before the beast entered.. in email, of course, for another date of reading.. not for now... ^-^.. and specs too!) (((shushes)))
Reese: (He frowns slightly at the streak left on his hand, and WOULD wipe it again on his pants, if they weren't similarly adorned... iron for the day, indeed. Thank the gods it wasn't in it's harder form. o.0) I'm certain the feeling is mutual... (was his reply to Xane's comment about churches. Though his voice was rather monotone, rather than dripping with sarcasm, it's obviously a sarcastic remark. Hmmm. To use his happy dagger and go to Alsaedeis, or try and waste more time, even if it was with Xane... oh, the possibilities...)
Xane: (he had turned his head back around, away from Reese, just after the bard's words finished, snorting slightly. he didn't seem to be too bothered, though, about the sarcasm in his tone. mm... he still wanted to get his claws on the bard, but Alsaedeis forbid it... well... almost. well, not really... XD!! but he had other things to do right now... like.. fondle his OTHER minion. welcome to another episode of 'wasting time with Xane'!) Well, since I don't have any reason to sit on holy ground any longer.... (he gave Candin a nudge, and then pushed the lanky man out of his lap, letting him fall to the concrete steps they were sitting on.) I'm leaving.

Candin: (purrr.. purr.. purr... ah fuck!) (his eyes widen a bit, and he releases his hands away from his master's legs at the nudge just in time to go sprawling to the steps a second later, when Xane decided he no longer wanted him in his lap. he flailed slightly, thunking on the concrete, and then pushed himself to a half-sitting position, looking up at Xane, who had stood up by that time. his lower lip pouted a bit, and he lowered his eyes to the steps, waiting for Xane to wisk them away from this boring Realm.) (quiet, and pouty)
Reese: (Okay... can you say... uke?!) (Everyone: Uke.) (*brightly* I knew you could! *Beams!*) (Anyways... o.0'.... the bard eyeballs Candin and his poutiness, and though his expression is fairly neutral, there is just a hint of 'gods, you are FUCKING PATHETIC!' sorta look on his features. No, he doesn't like Candin. No, I don't know if Xane ever included his favorite fuck-toy with his 'expeditions' with Reese, but that doesn't matter. He just doesn't like the teacher's pet. ^-^!) (Again, he says nothing, because it's not as if Xane actually said something that required a response. Though he could have, of course, returned to Alsaedeis' "room" with that little tranny spell on his happy dagger, he really didn't feel like it. Why waste your energy when someone else could do it for you?)
Xane: (Did NOT include Candin.. would not share Candin with anyone unless it was a higher up, or Alsaedeis... maybe not even Alsaedeis.. o.O... ) (Oh, I'm sorry Traverees... did you think I was going to take you somewhere? Nono.. My mission was to retrieve you from your pathetically easy capture from someone who has A WHOLE LOT LESS POWER THAN YOU, YOU WEAKLING! You can take yourself home! *little voice tugs at Xane's mind* She'll yell at you, and you won't get sex.... o.O Oh yeah! Grrness... )

Candin: (Sit... yes... uke.. Bah! Why do you all mock me so?!)

Xane: (he brushed off his leg a little, perhaps wiping away traces of Candin? *smirk* Who knows... he wouldn't even need to SAY anything, or make any GESTURES to cast his magics. heh... they'd just reach out and snatch up the targets. First Candin, then Reese, and then finally himself. Wisk them away to Xane's Study Section, lotsa books... Alsaedeis is there.. mm.. reading. XD!! )

Room: (Well, yeah, since there isn't much Reese can do in the next send, I'm continuing this a bit.) (Once everyone gets there, they'd of course see that it's Xane's Study Section. We all know what this looks like. Sorry LJ readers.. XD!! you don't get details! Anyway, Alsaedeis is among the quite room, draped languidly in a chair to one side of the room. It's probably been recently moved there, and probably belongs to her, considering I don't think Xane cares much for crushed blue velvets. anyway, she's draped in the chair, one leg jutting out the front, like a leg would normally be positioned in a chair, and the other one bent up, and slung over the back of one of the arm rests, she's leaning in it diagonally, one hand splaying open a thin book, and then other rested just below her breasts, fingers curling and uncurling lightly, their tips playing over her skin. mm.. skin. she's barely clad in anything, as usual. her outfit is sheer enough it may as well be see-through. it covers one shoulder, slipping around over her chest, and encirlces her like a strange cloth snake. there is a silver clasp that pins part of it at her waistline, it being the only opaque object on her body clothing wise. the clasp resembles a wide leaf-design. her hair isn't loose, like it normally is.. instead, it's done in a set of six braids, each one tightly wound, and wrapped different directions across her skull. there is, though, a few loose strands that have managed to work themselves free. Her lips are pursed slightly, and she can see the arrival of the small group, her eyes peering over the crest of the books edge.)
Reese: (Yuck... Thalrashkan magic. :( Though, as he cannot feel pain because of the magics in his binding cord, he doesn't get SICK or anything from the trans spell, he just ... well, doesn't like. I probably wouldn't, either. o.0. Transported, etc., probably standing behind Candin and Xane, as he was before Xane ported them... unless he moved his position, which Xane could easily do... he says nothing and does nothing upon appearing in the room before Alsaedeis. Just.... there. Odd, he was spunky and animated when he knew he'd get food at least once a day... XD!)
Xane: (Heh.. animated. Xane wouldn't alter positions at all. Candin would still be on the floor, and Reese would still be standing there, like he was, before they were transported, and Xane would be in the front of them both. He'd leave the two he'd brought with him, and walk over to Alsaedeis, reaching out a hand to curl it over the edge of the backing on the chair, slipping behind the chair in question.) See, I told you he was fine. You worry too much about your little plans, Alsaedeis... (smirking widely, then pausing to look over towards Candin.) Get off the floor..

Candin: (blink.)(he slowly gathers himself up, and dusts off one hip. he stands there a few moments before he wanders over to Xane's desk, a few feet away, and rests lightly against it. waiting.)

Alsaedeis: (she blinks, and then slowly lowers the book in her hand, her eyes closing a little, and then rolling up to look at Xane, who had ducked behind the chair.) You could have at least cleaned him up, Xane. (lowering her eyes back to Reese.) Or stripped him..

Xane: (waves a hand a little, and slipped from behind the chair, wandering over to Candin, and standing beside him, looking at the blood covered Reese.) I lost a mildly good minion today, Alsaedeis. I'm not in the mood to play with your toys. (a lie, but oh well. o.O.. he wanted to hump the blood right off of the bard, but... o.O... he'd rather just postpone that, because Alsaedeis would yell. she'd been moody ever since she'd lost contact with the bard, unsure for a while exactly where he was, until they finally picked up the traces of him again. she'd been pissy, and practically throwing things since. ah well.)
Reese: (Well, it wasn't exactly like he wasn't used to them talking about him like he wasn't there. You get used to it after a while. o.0 And the truth was, considering the fact that he had been away from Alsaedeis for quite some time now, he was surprised at the pull he felt towards her. Not in a naughty way. In a hard to describe way... the want, or rather, the need to do whatever she wanted... that was only a small part in the pull he felt, being in the same room with her again. But he said nothing, still, pretty much waiting to be addressed, and wondering to himself why he had never noticed the pull before, or whether or not he should fight it.)
Candin: (Stands quietly next to Xane, though he does curl/shift back/to the side against his master. he's got a pull for Xane, but IN a naughty way. He always had that. XD! he sighed softly.)

Xane: (he shrugged a little, and turned his eyes to look at his little sex beast minion.) But you have him back, without having to work at all, so I think you should be thanking me. Maybe throwing yourself at my feet, and ... kissing your way up? (he leaned over, and snarled heavily, nipping at the side of Candin's neck, which just happened to, at that moment, catch his attention.)

Alsaedeis: (she rolled her eyes lightly, and then let the book drop from her hand to the floor, where it landed with a thunk. she drew her legs together, and then pushed herself to stand. one hand randomly fell to adjust the silver clasp as she began to stride towards the object of the current topic.) I don't kiss your feet, Xane. (she smirked lightly then, and came up in front of the bard, tilting her head lightly, braids moving just slightly.) (finally addressing the human man before her.) You're dripping blood all over the floor...
Reese: (He barely manages to contain an eye-roll at Xane's attacked-ness of Candin, unlike Alsaedeis, letting them turn to her when she stands and comes up before him. He does, however, raise one brow at the mention of his bloody self.) At least it's Xane's carpet and not yours. (Ooh, watch that tongue before you say something that'll get you tied up again, man... you're supposed to be subserviant.. yeah... o.0")
Xane: (He doesn't say anything to Alsaedeis, or Reese, just continues fondling/biting/drinking the blood of.. wait.. minus the blood... Candin.)

Candin: (Mmm... smirking... I'm getting attention.. oh yeah.)

Alsaedeis: (she snorts softly, and looks towards the practically copulating pair of men.. er.. creatures... next to her.) You have a point. But I happen to LIKE this carpet. (she turned her eyes sharply back to Reese, and brings up a hand quickly, meaning to smack him upside the head. very brave, but she believes it's rightly so.) You got CAUGHT?! With everything I gave you, you got CAUGHT?! You didn't even finish what you started! Just like everything ELSE you do, Traverees! You can't even do your job when someone lays its finish right in front of your face, and gives you weapons to throw at it. Right in FRONT of you, and you MISS! HOW COULD YOU MISS?! (GLARE!!)

Xane: (looks up a little, his lips fastened on Candin's ear-lobe. he pulls away with a small sucking sound, and smirks over at Alsaedeis.) Now, Alsaedeis... don't yell at him.

Candin: (purr.. purr... when Xane pulls away, he whimpers loudly, and draws his hands up towards his master's neck, clinging.)

Xane: (grinning, he buries his face against Candin's neck, snarling, and nipping. his voice, when next heard, is muffled a bit.) I mean, come on... he's just a human, after all. Flawed as all the rest... Maybe you need to show him what he's supposed to do to that target... first hand... (BITE!)

Candin: (he doesn't seem to take offense, but then again, he's not really 'human' anymore.. not technically speaking.) (when suddenly bitten, he sucks in a seething breath of air, his eyes opening wide, and then closing tightly. a pleasured, yet slightly pained, expression upon his handsome face. he whimpers loudly, still... again... )
Reese: (He makes no effort to avoid the slap, though he probably could if he wanted to, letting his head roll to the side under the blow. Slap to the head! ^-^) (Narrowing his eyes, he glares off to the side, pressing his lips together in a frown, but says nothing. As far as HE was concerned, the only thing that really got in his way of getting Ferret was Kestrel - or rather, Kestrel's use of magic. When he had followed Winter and Jhayne after returning to the realm, it was only his own reluctance to actually KILL the two women that let them get away from him. He was more than certain he could take down the women, even if they DID try casting magic on him, but with Kestrel thrown into the mix, it brought up difficulties. But to say as much? It would be nothing but an excuse, and he knew well enough that wasn't what Alsaedeis wanted to hear. Better to keep his mouth shut right now, and bring it up at a later time, when she wasn't so hostile.)