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Winter: (She jerks slightly at Ayanna's voice, lifting her head and tucking some of her hair behind her ear. God, why wouldn't the rain just STOP?! At least it wasn't windy.)

Arryn: (his brow furrows slightly at his sister, the corners of his mouth turning down.) Not those. Other things that wanted to hurt us. (he looks back toward his mother and Jhayne.) Why did they want to hurt you, Kestrel?

Cart: (rolls along.)

Winter: (glances toward Kestrel/Arryn, catching the conversation.)

Ayanna: (Blinks. looks to Kestrel, as if awaiting an answer too.)

Kestrel: Ah... well... ( -_-; ) Not all things in this land are nice. (his voice is soft, low... like he doesn't really want to be talking about this..) They were some of those not-nice things.

Ayanna: But why didn't they go away after you came inside? I bet they could have found someone else to be mean to, right?

Kestrel: (purses his lips a little behind his masking.) Well, it's not really like that, ya know? They wanted *me* because I messed up something else they were doing. (a small shrug.) Like, if you try to chase a wolf away from its prey, it becomes angry... distracted... it'll come after you to either chase *you* away, or to kill you for bothering it.

Ayanna: (blink.)

Arryn: (he seems to accept this at first, lowering his head to watch the ground pass by beneath his feet.) (almost a broken whisper: ) ... why was papa there? Why.. did we leave him?

Winter: (wince. she was hoping that wouldn't be asked...)

Kestrel: (pause-------) (slowly: ) Well.. this of this: A king commands an army, and enlisted soldiers are under his command, regardless of their own lives or commanded tasks. Your father, right now, is under the command of a very wicked king. Being made to do things he wouldn't normally do, well... it was best we left him until his service under this 'king' is over, and he is free to live his old life with his family again.

Ayanna: (a sad expression comes over her face.)

Arryn: (sighs.) I hope he doesn't hurt Alex...

Winter: (stifles a sigh of her own. That was a pretty good save... she hadn't thought Kestrel would have been able to make it. XD!)

Arryn: (side-glace to Ayanna.) (mutter.) Told you he wasn't with any stupid faeries...

Winter: =/ (sigh)

Kestrel: (Alex...? who was that again? WTF, mate? XD!!)

Ayanna: (sticks her tongue out.) Maybe the king is a faerie!

Kestrel: ^-^;;; (whatever you say, honey.)

Arryn: (his glance sharpens into a glare.) Maybe the king is an *asshole* that needs to *die*.

Winter: (well, THAT woke her up!) (hisses.) Arryn!

Arryn: (drops his gaze to the ground again, his glaring fading away into a morose stare at his feet.) (whispers.) ... I just want to go home...

Ayanna: (STARE!) (AHM!!!!)

Kestrel: (blinks. chuckles softly, only half amused.) (glance to Winter with a 'leave him alone, you nagging woman' look.) Well, I'm sure we'll make that asshole of a king get his justice soon, and then we can ALL go home. (lifts his 'bracing' hand, and pats the child's shoulder.) We've just got to be strong until then, okay kid? (nods, wet hair barely moving since it's matted down and slicked and stuff...)

Ayanna: (stare. ponders yelling to her Ma that her brother cussed...........)

Ferret: (too far back to really hear the conversation, because her tired legs just can't keep a fast pace alongside the slow-moving cart.) (quiet.)

Jhayne: (same as Ferret, except she COULD keep pace with the cart. She's holding back because of the eldest woman in their troupe. she glances over at Ferret from time to time....)

Arryn: (The child only nods morosely at Kestrel's words, barely even registering the gentle pat on his shoulder. While the boy is normally quite distant from the things around him, now he genuinely seems distraught.)

Winter: (She only scowls back at Kestrel when he gives her that look, and picking up a trait from Ayanna, sticks her tongue out at him. My my, see how exhaustion makes us mentally regress? >....<)
~(The doors slowly begin to edge open, with no obvious sign of just HOW they are opening. Beyond, once they have opened wide enough, stands two men, both clad in loose trousers and shirts, the shorter one carrying a staff across his shoulders. The older one would look familiar to Kestrel as a man who had been at the dojo the last time he was there, named Norris. The other, who looks to be barely more than a teenager, would be an unknown.)
Norris: (A man a little taller than average height, with shaggy brown hair tied back with a black cord around his forehead. He's pretty built, too, with a nicely muscled bod. His arms are crossed over his chest, and when the doors open wide enough to show the travelers, he frowns slightly at the sight of them. It makes him look a little intimidating.)
Younger Man: (His hair is darker, but he looks similar in appearences to the older man; perhaps a nephew or son?) State your business, travelers. (He looks a little too smug at this - I think he's enjoying himself too much. ^-^)
Arryn: (Moo?)
~(The doors keep opening. Weee~!)

Ferret: (Between her children now, she reaches out for a hand of each one. gimmie your hand, or I'll yell some more! -_-' she says nothing.)
Jhayne: (She brushes her own hair from her face, and takes a few steps backward. sure enough, the man was a bit more intimidating than perhaps he really was... or meant to be. she didn't know him.. them.. gods, they had to answer QUESTIONS to get inside and get a warm bed, and some dry clothes? ... shit.... come ON.. I thought you guys were supposed to be nice, and welcoming? it's fucking raining, for pity's sake... )
Ayanna: (hand held.. no splashing... ooh.. more people? they didn't look like they'd be any fun anyway. feh. boooooring...)
Kestrel: (he grunts, and takes a few steps toward the opening door, sword dragging a bit. he's not too pleased, it seems, at the interrogation before the entrance. he didn't remember getting drilled last time... o.O of course, maybe that was because he wasn't so tired, cranky, hungry, and wet. ^-^''''') (he lifts his head a bit, standing up straighter.) Call off the puppy with the twig, Norris, and tell Slate that we're here for a room, a meal, dry clothes, and a little of his 'fine hospitality'. (Either he's gonna get a "O.o? Slate doesn't live here anymore, and we don't want any cookies...." .. or ..... blah.. either way, he'd like to get out of the rain sometime soon, and get the fuck to sleep..... )

Norris: (blink blink)
Winter: (SIGH. Yeah, THAT'S gonna make 'em happy, Kestrel, just PISS THEM OFF before we even get in the door..... )
Boy: (He frowns deeply at the elven man, eye brow twitching slightly. He opens his mouth to speak -)
Norris: (-and old boy gets there first, his eyes widening in surprise as he abruptly recalls who Kestrel is. The intimidating expression on his features disappears with a small chuckle, and he unfolds his arms and rests one large hand on the boy's shoulder.) Master Slate would be pleased to see you if he was here, old man. But I suppose you can be treated to some of that 'fine hospitality' none the less.
Winter: (Ha ha. He called you old man. ^-^!)
Boy: (FROWN!)
Voice: Heh heh heh. (One large... LARGE... hand reaches up to wrap around the door, and the gargantuan green head of Dorvhal appears. He is the origin of the voice that had answered Ton's call before. He grins widely, rain slicking off his bald skull, teeth sticking out in every which direction.) Yoo look wet, Kestrel. Heh heh heh...
Winter: Eh! (squeak! What the hell is that?!)
Arryn: (Moo!)

Ayanna: (Bleat.. I mean... Moo!)
Ferret: O.O (It won't eat us, will it? Because.. uh... I still have things to do before I die...? she holds tighter to her children's hands. stay close, my wee ones, this thing might be hungry...... shhh... don't cry.. it might hear you!)
Jhayne: (startle!) .... uh... O.o... (What the... was that a... giant... ? troll? orc? what in the hell ..? It was big, whatever it was, and it made her feel a little uneasy. she glanced around her at her companions, then looked directly to Kestrel. you'd better be sure of what you're doing, you big freak, or I'll haunt you from my pie-crust grave. blinks.)
Kestrel: ^-^ (a genuine sigh of relief, he brings his sword round to lean heavy upon it, pushing its tip deep into the mud. The big ones were still here? oh joy... -_-'' I'll never hear the end of this from them... ) Very wet, Dorv. Very wet, and tired. (he glances from the large, grinning Dorvhal to Norris, and his younger charge.) And, I don't want to hear any 'you're tired because you're old' jokes, either. (pause. glances to the boy at Norris' side, as if sizing him up as an afterthought. but, when he speaks, it's not to the boy...it's to Jhayne.) ... Jhayne.. can you carry my sword..? (Okay... he tried... but you have to give up on the pride thing if something just ... well.. is out of your ability to do right then. poor old dude... ^-^;; )
Jhayne: (blinks, but silently steps forward in preparation to take the sword when Kestrel is ready to give it up. it's a hesitant movement, though.... that big head and those scary teeth thing that Dorvhal's got going on are kinda... okay, very freaky. but then again... wasn't she just saying that whole.. 'don't judge' thing...? oh wait, no, that was Ferret. ^-^;; she thought it anyway.)
Kestrel: (gives up the sword after she steps up, but it's a very careful movement. slow.... and he wobbles a little after he holds it out to her. he gives a faint smile to her, a slightly thankful smile, but she can't see it of course, not with the masking in the way. it doesn't really reach his eyes... speaking of his eyes.. they never really break contact with Norris and his youthful charge.)
Jhayne: (takes sword... says nothing. la la la...)

Dorvhal: (big grin that seems to widen at Jhayne and Ferret's discomfort. The hybrid steps -or lumbers, whatever- out from behind the door, his huge frame dwarfing the two humans who bar the way into the dojo.) (To the older of the two:) Do yoo vant me to take zem to Mishka, Raien?
Norris-Raien-what?!: (He glances over to the giant and nods, removing his hand from the boy's shoulder.) Wake her, please. I'm sure she'll be happy to cook lunch all over again.
Boy: (His frown deepens, and he looks up to the older man in consternation.) Father, should we really -
Raien: Yes, we should. Kestrel is an old friend of ours. And Master Slate would be displeased if we let him bleed to death on our doorstep. (A faint smirk and an evil glance in Kestrel's direction.) Again. (A nod towards the back of the complex, which is half-hidden in the rain.) Go with Dorv, help them create a place in the mess hall for our friends to sleep in.
Boy: (Frown!)
Dorv: (A faint chuckle, which really isn't so faint coming from a chest THAT size, and he gestures in the direction towards which Raien had nodded.) Come, Aaron. Yoo will get extra portion from Mishka for dis. Heh. (He lifts one hand to his forehead in the kind of gesture you get from old men, miming the pull of a forelock or the tip of a hat towards the travelers before lumbering off in the direction of the mess hall. He makes surprisingly little noise.)
Aaron: (Even though he favors the travelers with another heavy frown, he moves off after the troll without another word, swinging the staff off his shoulders and tapping it on the ground alongside him as he moves off.)
Raien: So. (He steps forward towards them.) Come inside so you can dry off and get some food and rest. I imagine it must be an unusual day for you to be bleeding so soon after lunch, old man. I thought you at least waited until supper time. (He reaches out one hand to the elven man, silently offering to take his sack -O.O!!!!- without actually asking if he needs any help. Male pride and whatnot.)
Winter: (Take my sack... I'm tired too.... u.u...)

Ferret: (confusion..... just holds onto her kids. yup. that's about it.)
Ayanna: (o.O.... o.o..... ^-^ )
Jhayne: (holds onto swordy sword. says nothing. The boy didn't look as if he liked their general appearance at their doorstep. weren't people here supposed to welcome 'their kind'...? stupid Ton... but then again, youth was very fickle, especially human youth. they just hadn't lived enough to be a little more respectful to their fellow living creatures. ugh. can we hurry and get out of the rain?)
Kestrel: (Raien.. Raien.. Dorv called him Raien... NORRIS' SON, RAIEN? No fucking way.. o.O No way. it was Norris.. I mean.. LOOK at him.. o.O Ah well.. he had to give in a little bit, considering it'd been ... god, so long ago.. that he'd been here? Humans aged, plain and simple. Oh.. this BOY was so getting his ass kicked later. well, after he takes the sack, and gives me food and a bed... yeah... yeah, after all of that.) (he unshouldered the sack, and handed it gratefully to Raien without a word of thanks.) You know, what with my old age, I keep forgetting my schedules... Raien. (a slow grin behind his masking that DEFINATELY reaches his eyes. okay.. if Slate wasn't around now, or even later, at least this lad.. no.. this man made coming back here seem a little amusing.)
Jhayne: ^-^''''' (no clue...)

Raien: (He smirks as he takes the sack, slinging it over his shoulder.) It's not my fault you can't do your math. Norris would be sixty-seven if he was here to greet you. (A bit solemnly) Perhaps it's better that he is not. (Nodding decisively.) Well, come on. No point in standing around in the rain. You remember the way to the mess hall...? (less a question than a statement, the man looking back towards where Dorv had initially appeared from behind the massive doors. Had to get those things closed and locked again, after all...)
Arryn: (No one is holding his hand, but that's okay, because he's a good kid. The mention of food certainly caught his attention. Stepping up before his mother, asking politely:) Do you have soup? Soup is good for you on rainy days.
Winter: (Oh yes... soup would be nice...)
Raien: (He blinks and looks down at the boy, then smiles brightly. Children! ^-^!) I'm sure we can get you plenty of that.

Ferret: (a slow smile takes over her face at Raien's nice attitude. a whole lot better than the tavern, and the weird people on the cart. o.O)
Ayanna: o.o
Jhayne: (ready to follow, yo.... sword and all.)
Kestrel: (Better that he's not...? oh... oooh... -_-' Damn.. ....would Norris really have been that old? Human life-spans really did suck. he might have looked forward to having a cup of java and a nice talk with that old fart... ah well... damn.. that really DID suck. U_U He nodded slowly to Raien.) Yeah... yeah, I can manage. (a pause.) We'll go accost Mishka for some soup, I suppose. You'll join back with us soon? (another pause.)... and Slate...? (curious, tired tone.)

Raien: (His smile fades slightly in distaste.) The Master is in Sanzaru, discussing the terms of the dojo's neutrality. He should return late tonight or tomorrow morn. (He nods again.) And I will be at the mess hall shortly to join you. Talk can wait until after you've had a moment to clean up and eat. (He steps past Kestrel, but pauses before Winter. Politely:) Would you like me to carry that for you as well?
Winter: (yes! take my sack! o.0!) (She's just been standing there, vaguely zoning out and looking like she's about ready to pass out in the muck, and startles slightly as Raien actually addresses her. A tired smile crosses her face, and she nods in gratitude.) Thank ye. (offers teh_sack!)
Raien: (He takes the sack when it is offered, nods politely to her, and moves towards the door. There's a mechanism behind where Dorv was hiding, so it's not THAT hard to close and open the doors. Yeah for machinery! ^-^)
Arryn: (He looks up to his mother then) Can we have some soup?
Winter: (Yes.... soup, please... u.u) (Can we GO now...?) (will stumble after Kestrel once he leads the way to the mess hall)
~(blah blah... description of dojo... nothing special but mud and wood. Rawr.)

Ferret/Ayanna/Jhayne: (follow Kestrel... not much to say about them.)
Kestrel: (he leads the way. joy.. little to say here. he'll head for the mess hall in a stumbly fashion befitting of the old bleeding dude that he is. He won't really say anything, and unless someone in the troupe asks something, he's not going to speak to them at all. he's not really looking around either, so.... la la... to the mess hall!)
Jhayne: (SHE however, IS looking around... taking in the sights.. this is a whole lot different than what she's used to. ^-^ What the hell was a dojo, anyway? she wondered to herself. it just looked like a complex with a bunch of stuff for people to do stuff in. o.O I don't get it? maybe it was some special organization that was sworn to secrecy or something... no... no, that couldn't be it. Well, she didn't know.. but she did, however, look around as they walked. there was precious little she could do, other than drag the sword behind her in a clunky fashion. god... this thing seemed even more heavy the further they walked. that soup was sounding really nice about now. she shivered a bit.)
Ayanna: Ooo.... (looking around. ... I bet there are LOTS of places to hide at in a game of Seek! Rawr! )
Ferret: -.-' (Can we just find a place to sit down? my feeeet huuurrt.)

~(Up the steps and into the mess hall they go - there is a large rush mat for them to wipe their feet on (which is already muddy, so whatever), and a large room spread out before them with low tables (at which one would kneel to eat) at their left. To their right is a door way through which a stove can be seen, and there is the tantalizing scent of meaty soup in the room.)
Aaron: (He emerges from the doorway with a bundle of towels in his arms. Almost stiffly polite, he addresses the group:) Please take off your shoes here, that way they can dry. Mishka has already gathered some robes you can wear, so that your clothing can dry as well.
Dorv: (His voice rumbles from the other room, nonsense words that actually sounds vaguely like elvish but far too gutteral to be the true elven language. He sounds to be in conversation with a softer, lilting voice.)
Aaron: (He picks one towel up off the bunch and offers it to one of the children, averting his eyes from Ferret as he does so. He looks pretty young up close - probably only seventeen or so. Hey, at least this one is of the age to consent, Ferret. XD!) We have also arranged pallets for you to rest on. They are not much, but the best that we have.
Winter: (She moves to remove her boots even before Aaron asks them to, placing them neatly to one side of the door as she does so, using the wall as support. She's not gonna eat, she's just gonna CRASH.... boom!)

Ayanna: (Shoes.. what shoes? XD!!)(Gimmie that towel! uh... we'll just say it was her who snagged the first towel. yay!)
Ferret: (Uh.. the shoes we don't have, sweetie..lmao...) (Though Aaron averted HIS eyes, she's looking at him.. not only because he's speaking, but.. well... yeah, because he's speaking. XD! No! Stop cracking consensual sex jokes at me! waaaiiiihhh!!!)
Jhayne: (Slippers are shoe-enough for me. she bends slightly, setting the sword quietly to the floor. it's heavy, and she can't very well take her shoes off with it in her hands. after this, she takes care to remove both slipper-esque foot accents, holding them by their heels at her side. she blinks, then follows Winter's example, placing them near the door.... she pauses a second, before she moves back to once again pick up the sword.)
Kestrel: (he listens, watches, and otherwise acts uninterested in the goings-on around him. he wrinkles his nose slightly at Aaron speaking to them like they're gutter trash he'd rather throw away than keep, damned forced polite tone. But.. it was warm in here.. and dry.. and the smell of food was tempting ... by no means should this yearling's words, heartfelt or not, ruin this small satisfaction for him. no one to fight here... no real fear of a knife slitting your throat while you slept..as much as he'd not wanted to come back here, he was beginning to feel temporarily safe... at least, safe enough to let down a little of his guard. which, in the next moment, he did. an almost inaudible sigh, he lowered himself down to the floor, practically crossing his legs to pull off his boots. fighting the urge to up-end the thing, and spill the water all over the place, he set the boot next to him, and looked up in Aaron's direction.) As long as it's dry and warm, I don't think any of us are going to care what state your accomodations are in, boy. (not a menacing tone at all, but a very blunt, truthful one. HE sure wouldn't care, as long as his entire frame fit on the fucking thing comfortably. he lowered his eyes, reaching slowly for his other boot.. a careful motion. damn.. he was definately beginning to feel his hurts now. he absently begin to wonder if it'd be alright to slip past that 'she-wolf in another life', Mishka.... )

Aaron: (He nods simply at the warrior priest’s words, not looking at the travelers, just passing out towels without initiating eye contact. The boy doesn’t seem as arrogant or suspicious here in the dry confines of the mess hall, but perhaps more embarrassed of his previous actions. It’s obvious he’s not about to apologize for pissing anyone off, though.)
Arryn: (He takes the towel politely, not grabbing like his sister probably does, immediately throwing it over his head and hiding his dampened curls from view) (muffled from under the towel:) Thank you.
Aaron: Ah... you're welcome. (hands out next towel, probably to Ferret.)
Winter: (After dropping the other shoe (XD!!!) she leans heavily back against the wall, tilting her head backwards and resting the back of her skull on the smooth wood. God she was tired... her whole head was pulsing with the rhythm of her heartbeat, and trust that it was NOT a very nice sensation.)
Dorv: (From the doorway that Aaron initially come out from, the giant beast pokes his head out, curling one massive hand around the doorframe, and proving that yes, his skin really IS green, and it's not a trick of the storm outside. No longer grinning as manaically as before, his lower canines only poke out when he speaks.) Come, come. Warm up by de stove and eat yor soop.
Mishka: (Her voice is only heard, no physical form for the much softer, obviously feminine, yet still heavily accented speech.) And tend to yor woonds. Do not lie, Kestrel - I could smell yor blood when yoo were still at de gate. (She rolls her R's more heavily than Dorv.)
Dorv: (A small smile at his mates words, and a roll of his large eyes. Aside to the sitting elf:) Dat means she is happy to see yoo again.
Mishka: Dorvhal! What are yoo doing talking! Shut up and get dem dry clothes! Poor chickens are catching death of cold!
Dorv: -.-'' (mutter) ...chickens, chickens. Vhat is it with yoo and chickens?... (mutter mutter. He disappears back into the kitchen)
Aaron: (... and a towel for Jhayne, and a towel for Winter, and a towel for Kestrel... and that leaves me with no towels. BUT I'M WET TOO! u.u...)

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