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Updating - One For The Road, Please, BarKeep!

{The first part of this is cropped off, considering I think I left part of it at the house. we all know what happened in it, well.. we being those people who actually count. I'll update it later with the full amount of text.}

Ferret: {part of send is cut. picking up where page starts.} hair, pulling hard, very angry!) You sunuvabitch! HE WAS RIGHT THERE!! RIGHT THERE!!! (pull/shake!! she drops to her knees as well, crying now, but still so obviously angry!) WHY?! WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!?!

Ayanna: (blinks, and reaches out to clingle at Winter. ... wai... mommy cussed... lip quiver!)

Winter: (Her hands were hanging limply at her sides, so when the little girl reached out, she would meet no resistance. At the touch of Ayanna's hand, however, Winter would glance down, and lightly wrap her fingers around the smaller hand. Another deep sigh -- christ her head hurt, her throat hurt, her whole body hurt... what she would give for a soft (dry) bed to fall into right now...) (At Ferret's sudden scream (or whatever ^-^;;) of anger, her head snaps up and over to the direction of Ferret and Kestrel, her hair slapping wetly against her cheek. She says nothing toward the two, only wincing slightly in sympathy toward Kestrel's pulled-hair problem... lowering her head and sighing again. Man... this blows..)

Arryn: (He also looks toward Jhayne as she falls, and toward his mother as she freaks out, that frown still pulling his lips downward. Thy were wet, cold, tired, hurting (well, not him and his sister, but whatever), and MINUS ONE DRAGON! Gosh mom, you're so fucking selfish. What about Alex, HUH? WHAT ABOUT HIM?!) -_-'''

Ayanna: (Clingle! though she clung tightly to Winter's hand, her eyes were transfixed upon her mother and the tall, blue-haired man on the ground. She'd never really seen her mother so physical.. so upset... so... so violent. -_-;!)

Kestrel: (Silence)

Ferret: (though she's still got Kestrel's hair in her hands, she's not pulling (nearly) as hard as before. She's trembling, crying, and looking alot like a drowned out cat. her hands slowly loosen, but by no means do they fall away. the rain continues, of course, to pelt down upon them all.) ... he... he was.. he was right there...

Jhayne: (Assessing that she's pretty much okay, her attention turns to the loud woman, and the silent man. though she, too, felt sorry for the hair-pulling, she definately though that Ferret had a little more than her share of rights to get upset at the situation. Afterall, Traverees had been right there within her grasp, even as fucked up as he was at the time. Though Jhayne thought about piping up, to call Ferret down, she decided her own silence was needed right now. Thus, she hushed. She did, however, take the time to stand up out of the mud during all of this.)

Kestrel: (Though author forgot to mention his sword, it's still around as well. It's, for the sake of argument, upon the ground as well, next to the sack, or something.) (He doesn't really respond to the hair-grabbing, or the yelling/crying of Ferret. In fact, he doesn't seem to be responding to anything else either... the mud.. the chill.. the rain.. OR the blood.) (Though, his eyes do open a minute later, and he reaches his hands up to slowly close them around Ferret's smaller ones. NOW he seems to be a little more in-tune here... he tugs her hands hard from his hair, though loses more than a few strands because of it. When he speaks, his voice seems to sound forced, and its almost too low to be heard over the drumming of the rain and Ferret's crying.) And he'll be there again. Later. Much later, and on MY terms. (He paused, releasing Ferret's hands, and attemping a weak push away form her.) You don't really know how close you came to dying, Ferret. (And the rain falls!)

Ferret: (Her hands tugged and pushed away, she lets them fall to the mud and water around her. still crying, she listens to the soft words, but at Kestrel's last sentence, she growls angril. Grunting, she lifts a handful of mud upward. there was no pause in the motion... she hissed her words as she slopped the handful, point-blank range, at Kestrel, not really caring where it landed, or even IF it landed.) Shut up! ShutupShutUP! He ..he wouldn't have-- grr.. SHUT UP!! (She followed her first mud-sling with another shortly after.)

Ayanna: (She whimpered, and turned her eyes away from her mother, burying her face against Winter's hand/arm, regardless it was soaking wet -- hey, they were ALL wet, who cared?)

Kestrel: (The first mud-sling slopped carelessly against his shoulder, splattering bits on his face/mask, his hair, et cetera... the second missed him for the most part. he sighed, wincing a little, but made no effort to wipe away the mud. the rain would probably wash it away anyway.. why bother...?) (low) Stop, Ferret. For Mystra's sake, your fucking children are here, too. (his voice, though low and forced, was surprising calm.)

Ferret: (She gives up, dropping her head, and crying heavily. her silvery hair is mudsplattered, and she looks otherwise completely disheveled.. oy...) ... he... he was... gods, he was right .. right there...

Jhayne: (sigh)

Rain: (Falling.. uh.. yup..)

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Arryn: (He does not reach for Winter as his sister does, or seem quite so distraught as she. In fact, other than that faintly disapproving frown on his face, he appears quite distant for it all - from the rain, the dispair, the anger. He does not stand apart from Ayanna and Winter, but he may as well be; his bi-colored eyes shift away from his mother back to Jhayne, briefly, as the priest stands, and then away again, down the half-lit muddy track that stretches out behind him. He seems almost unnaturally apathetic.)

Winter: (She closes her eyes when Ayanna hides her face against her arm. At first she could slightly sympathize with the children for losing their father - but at least they had known their father before he went AWOL, and at least they still had their mother. But this was more than any child should have to deal with - this split was far worse than simply not knowing the heritage that had been denied one when orphaned. She couldn't come any where near empathizing with the two half-breeds now; even her repressed childhood was better than this.) (Another exhalation, and she speaks, her voice only just loud enough to be heard over the rain:) Aye, he wuz. But whatever's drivin' him won't let that be th' last time we see him. He'll be back, Ferret, don' ye doubt it. (A faint sniffle, and she raises her head once more, lifting it up so that the rain could pound onto her face, cleaning away the stain of blood from her temple.) We need tae git out o' this.
Jhayne: (She shuffled a little toward Winter and the chilluns, trudging her feet through the slopping mud around them.) Agreed. (she paused, drawing her eyes toward the silvery woman, and the blue-haired man.) Where are we now, Kestrel? (Sure enough.. this place didn't FEEL familiar to her... not even remotely. She reached her arms up, and hugged herself around her chest (or lack thereof))

Kestrel: (He doesn't move to stand right away. after Ferret seemed like she wasn't moving, like she was just going to sit in the mud and cry, he seemed to decide that the ground wasn't a nice place to be right then. Wobbling slightly, he moved to stand. Bracing his feet awkwardly apart, he managed to keep upright. Damn, he looked a mess.. o.O... ) North... northern, rather. It's... a small city. We'll be safe here. (He narrowed his eyes a little, looking off down the path, towards where the city obviously lay.) It's a ... well, a bit of a walk. I couldn't get any closer.

Jhayne: I see. (was all she said at that point, walking over to Kestrel, and, with a small hesitation, reaching out to help him stand upright a little more stable.)

Kestrel: Sorry. I couldn't get us any closer. (he repeated as she started walking for him. he frowned as she reached for him.) Leave me alone. Just get my stuff, alright?

Jhayne: (pursing her lips, she did as he beckoned. she paused as she bent to retrieve the sword and sack, looking toward Ferret, her braid slipping over her shoulder and slipping into the mud beneath her.) You have to get up, Ferret.

Ferret: (sniffle.. otherwise occupied with crying upon the ground. she's murmuring to herself, but otherwise doesn't say anything, or look at anyone.)

ooc; Oh yeah....

Ayanna: (Other than clingle, she doesn't do much of nofin. She does, however, look up from Winter's arm. she spares a brief glance to her emotionless brother, but otherwise keeps her mismatched eyes from her mum...)
Winter: (She keeps her face inclined towards the sky as the other two speak, still holding onto the small child's hand and yet almost seeming to ignore her at the same time. It isn't until Jhayne addresses Ferret that she finally lowers her head and opens her eyes again, looking towards the three with a weary expression. She was tired; they were all tired. Sure hope this place Kestrel had brought them to was a half-way decent town....)

Arryn: (He had been looking in the opposite direction of Kestrel - away from town - but when the others start speaking he looks towards them again. The frown is gone, replaced with the almost emotionless look he had worn during most of his childhood, before he really began to speak to anyone. A faint pause, and he begins moving towards his mother.)

Winter: (She purses her lips, but makes no move towards Arryn or the others of her party. She just glances down to her young ward, squeezes her hand lightly in reassurance, and leans down to pick up the sack that she had been teleported with. It hadn't seemed too heavy before, but now it seemed almost unbearable.)

Arryn: (Reaching the side of his mother, still groveling in the dirt like she is, he stares at her a moment before lightly reaching out to place his small hand on her shoulder. ) ...
Kestrel: (standing as still as he can, so he doesn't slip, he waits for everyone to get their shit together before he even attempts to move.. so...)

Jhayne: (Lifting up Kestrel's belongings, she stands upright. watching in silence as the littlest of the twins moves for his mother, she gives a small shake of her head. it was sad, really...)

Ferret: (she was still upon the ground, of course, as Arryn walked over to her. when his hand touched her shoulder, she didn't jump in surprise, she didn't cry out.. nothing of the sort. instead, she slowly lifted her eyes toward her son, both shockingly blue almond-shapes rimmed red, and smudged around with dirt. her lower lip quivered almost uncontrollably as she stared at him.)

Ayanna: (clingle! when Arryn left for his mother, her eyes followed him. she barely noticed the reassuring squeeze to her hand, though she gave Winter a glance as she moved to get the sack. a second later, her eyes returned toward her kin. she said nothing.)

Ferret: .... (she didn't have words for her son.... she didn't have words at all... though she did tremble, covered with rain water, mud, tears, et cetera.)

Jhayne: (She hoisted the sack over her shoulder, trying to find a comfortable spot for it. ignoring the child at his mother's side now, she moved back to Kestrel's side, and peered up at his squinting eyes. his sword drug the ground, sad to say, because it was a little too heavy for her. surprisingly heavy, actually. oy! this guy must eat loads of wheaties...) Kestrel.. (her words soft, probably lost to all 'cept the blue-haired man due to the noise of the rain.)'d better be able to lead us to this city of yours. (she's making absent references to his obvious drain of energy, mental.. and physical... she's got a mildly worried look on her face, though whether it be due to the man's condition, or perhaps the entire party's near future... only she could say, and she's .. well, not...)

Kestrel: (grunts softly, perhaps a short chuckle. he casts a side glance towards the silvery woman and her child, though the only thing that moves is his eyes.)... I'm not an invalid, Jhayne. It may be a fair piece of a walk, but.. we'll be fine.

Ayanna: (watchin' her brother and mother, of course...)

Rain: (Fall fall fall.... doot dee doo...)

Arryn: (He stares at his mom a long moment, childest face oddly composed in seriousness, salt-and-pepper hair hanging in curly strands around his ears and plastered to his forehead. He would remove his small hand once she looks to him, letting it hang limply at his side.) (quietly:) Let's go, mama.
Ferret: (she continues to sit in the mud, in the water, sniffling a little. when he pulled his hand away, letting it fall to his side, she let her eyes follow it a little. they slowly moved back to him. of all the people who told her to get up, of all the things they could have said to her to get her to move, ..... Arryn and HIS words seemed to have the most effect on her. she sniffed a little, but said nothing as she slowly pushed herself to her feet. mud dripped down her clothes, from her hair, from her hands and arms.... the rain washed some down her, and the rest either clung in place, or slowly dribbled downward. her clothes seemed to retain some of the muddy colour, however.... regardless of the rain.) (she stared silently down at her son, her eyes red-rimmed, and her lower lip quivering a little. she reached out a muddy hand for his.)

Jhayne: (silent, watching the parent and child exchangea their quiet, or completely silent 'words'. she nibbled a little on her lower lip....)

Kestrel: (stand.... stand... wobble... stand.... et cetera. he's not moving to walk anywhere just yet, it seems. he's also not looking at Ferret and Arryn anymore. in fact, he's not looking at anyone.)

Ayanna: (linger by Winter, et cetera...)

Arryn: (He takes her hand without hesitation, completely oblivious to the muck on her hand, expression changing not one wit during this whole interlude in the action. Tiny fingers locking around and inside her smaller hand, he merely looks up to her in expectation, his expressionless features, though they show no emotion, still conveying the fact that mommy was mommy, and it was up to her to show him the way to go.)

Winter: (Another slow sigh as Ferret finally stands and takes her son's hand, eyes squeezing briefly closed. Then, tightening her grip lightly on the small girl's hand, sack firmly ensconced in the other, she takes a few steps forward so that they would all, more or less, be back in a small group.) (Wearily:) Lead the way?