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Updating - One For The Road, Please, BarKeep!

{The first part of this is cropped off, considering I think I left part of it at the house. we all know what happened in it, well.. we being those people who actually count. I'll update it later with the full amount of text.}

Ferret: {part of send is cut. picking up where page starts.} hair, pulling hard, very angry!) You sunuvabitch! HE WAS RIGHT THERE!! RIGHT THERE!!! (pull/shake!! she drops to her knees as well, crying now, but still so obviously angry!) WHY?! WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!?!

Ayanna: (blinks, and reaches out to clingle at Winter. ... wai... mommy cussed... lip quiver!)

Winter: (Her hands were hanging limply at her sides, so when the little girl reached out, she would meet no resistance. At the touch of Ayanna's hand, however, Winter would glance down, and lightly wrap her fingers around the smaller hand. Another deep sigh -- christ her head hurt, her throat hurt, her whole body hurt... what she would give for a soft (dry) bed to fall into right now...) (At Ferret's sudden scream (or whatever ^-^;;) of anger, her head snaps up and over to the direction of Ferret and Kestrel, her hair slapping wetly against her cheek. She says nothing toward the two, only wincing slightly in sympathy toward Kestrel's pulled-hair problem... lowering her head and sighing again. Man... this blows..)

Arryn: (He also looks toward Jhayne as she falls, and toward his mother as she freaks out, that frown still pulling his lips downward. Thy were wet, cold, tired, hurting (well, not him and his sister, but whatever), and MINUS ONE DRAGON! Gosh mom, you're so fucking selfish. What about Alex, HUH? WHAT ABOUT HIM?!) -_-'''

Ayanna: (Clingle! though she clung tightly to Winter's hand, her eyes were transfixed upon her mother and the tall, blue-haired man on the ground. She'd never really seen her mother so physical.. so upset... so... so violent. -_-;!)

Kestrel: (Silence)

Ferret: (though she's still got Kestrel's hair in her hands, she's not pulling (nearly) as hard as before. She's trembling, crying, and looking alot like a drowned out cat. her hands slowly loosen, but by no means do they fall away. the rain continues, of course, to pelt down upon them all.) ... he... he was.. he was right there...

Jhayne: (Assessing that she's pretty much okay, her attention turns to the loud woman, and the silent man. though she, too, felt sorry for the hair-pulling, she definately though that Ferret had a little more than her share of rights to get upset at the situation. Afterall, Traverees had been right there within her grasp, even as fucked up as he was at the time. Though Jhayne thought about piping up, to call Ferret down, she decided her own silence was needed right now. Thus, she hushed. She did, however, take the time to stand up out of the mud during all of this.)

Kestrel: (Though author forgot to mention his sword, it's still around as well. It's, for the sake of argument, upon the ground as well, next to the sack, or something.) (He doesn't really respond to the hair-grabbing, or the yelling/crying of Ferret. In fact, he doesn't seem to be responding to anything else either... the mud.. the chill.. the rain.. OR the blood.) (Though, his eyes do open a minute later, and he reaches his hands up to slowly close them around Ferret's smaller ones. NOW he seems to be a little more in-tune here... he tugs her hands hard from his hair, though loses more than a few strands because of it. When he speaks, his voice seems to sound forced, and its almost too low to be heard over the drumming of the rain and Ferret's crying.) And he'll be there again. Later. Much later, and on MY terms. (He paused, releasing Ferret's hands, and attemping a weak push away form her.) You don't really know how close you came to dying, Ferret. (And the rain falls!)

Ferret: (Her hands tugged and pushed away, she lets them fall to the mud and water around her. still crying, she listens to the soft words, but at Kestrel's last sentence, she growls angril. Grunting, she lifts a handful of mud upward. there was no pause in the motion... she hissed her words as she slopped the handful, point-blank range, at Kestrel, not really caring where it landed, or even IF it landed.) Shut up! ShutupShutUP! He ..he wouldn't have-- grr.. SHUT UP!! (She followed her first mud-sling with another shortly after.)

Ayanna: (She whimpered, and turned her eyes away from her mother, burying her face against Winter's hand/arm, regardless it was soaking wet -- hey, they were ALL wet, who cared?)

Kestrel: (The first mud-sling slopped carelessly against his shoulder, splattering bits on his face/mask, his hair, et cetera... the second missed him for the most part. he sighed, wincing a little, but made no effort to wipe away the mud. the rain would probably wash it away anyway.. why bother...?) (low) Stop, Ferret. For Mystra's sake, your fucking children are here, too. (his voice, though low and forced, was surprising calm.)

Ferret: (She gives up, dropping her head, and crying heavily. her silvery hair is mudsplattered, and she looks otherwise completely disheveled.. oy...) ... he... he was... gods, he was right .. right there...

Jhayne: (sigh)

Rain: (Falling.. uh.. yup..)

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