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*FLASH* Oh~oh, he'll save every one of us!

Jhayne: (held.. not much else, yo.)

Ferret: (she blinks slowly, and inches forward again, still hesitantly,
but obviously not so far away... but not close enough to reach out and grab,
ya know? ) Let her go now. I'm right here. Why ... why don't *you* come to
*me*? (she continued to inch closer and closer, but then stopping.)

Kestrel: (sack in hand.. (o.O!!!), he starts to walk forward a few feet, so
he can see the tapestry door better. he sees Winter disappear.. well..
almost... into the hallway, and so forth... he's stop walking then, and
take in a deep breath. ooohhmmm... concentrate... well, he didn't really
need to concentrate on this spell, but the fact he was about ready to
transport so many people.... well... that would take a little concentration.
he figured he was going to get an asschewing for this... but.. he focused on
everyone EXCEPT Traverees.... waiting for the three to come out of the
hallway before he focused on them, of course..)

Ayanna: (she stared at Winter when she appeared, a small startled jump, but
otherwise only a blink. when Winter says they have to go out there, she
shakes her head slowly, but steps forward to reach out her hand towards

Arryn: (He bites his lip slightly and looks back into the hallway behind
him. Poor boi... what about his Alex? *pout!* After a pause, he looks back
to Winter and reaches out towards her as well, stepping up close to his
sister and trying to snag her free hand with his.)

Reese: (dryly) Other than the fact that I much rather be on this side of the
shield and closer to the door? (He'd give the faintest shake of his head,
and then dig his fingers hard into Jhayne's throat - which hurts a good deal
along with cutting off her breath, I should add.) If you just get over here,
there's a decently small chance that Xane may not kill the rest of you off.
I'd think you'd appreciate that idea.

Winter: (She sighs almost in relief when they don't try to argue with her,
and moves to wrap her hand lightly around their smaller wrists, so she could
keep track of both of them at the same time. Then, pushing aside the
tapestry with her shoulder, she'd take a few steps from the hallway kinda
backwards like, pulling the children along with her, and glance out towards
the room. Trying to keep both close to her, shield them from Reese's
view/the view o' da blood, and yet in Kestrel's range of vision as well. ).(
Have fun, girlie!)

Reese: (*It dun work! Nyah, nyah! His eyes shift past Ferret towards the
hall when Winter re-emerges, and then narrow dangerously when he sees the
two children she has in grasp. His grip on Jhayne's throat would lessen

Ferret: (frowny. this wasn't like Reese at all. she pondered his words,
thinking about something to do in this situation, but her footfalls inched
closer to the shield, and the man beyond it. when his eyes shift past her, she
turns around to see what he's looking at with that dangerous look of his. the
children? O.O!! Nuuu... she swirled her head back around to face the man she
had called lover.) Traverees? (she said this with hesitation... why was he
giving them that look? it was scary... -_-''')

Jhayne: (strangle?! erk!! she'd wiggle a little, but not much, trying to suck
in some air. when the grip lessens, she'd suck in a sharp breath of air, her
eyes widening considerably as the blessed air reached her lungs.)

Ayanna: (doot doot doot.. . Auntie Winter is dragging me along for the ride..
oh look! there's daddy!! HI DADDY! Why are you choking Meester Jhayne? o.O?)

Kestrel: (A-HAH! with everyone he needs in view, he'd quickly shift his own
focus of concentration towards them, his magics ensnaring their very being (auto
much? well... yeah... we already knew he was going to do it.. so... get over
it.. XD!!) and enchanting them in preparation to leave. Kestrel hadn't decided
on a location yet, but anywhere that was far away from here to give them time to
fucking THINK was nice enough. he focused a little eastern, and northern....
just pick a city magic, you stupid fucker.... I don't want to be stuck out in
the middle of no where.... anyway.... the magic swelled, and surged around,
slipping through its astral road of convenience, and thus beyond the barrier
that Winter had cast. sorry girlie... your shields don't work for my magic...
nyeh... it would encase Jhayne, Ferret, Winter, and then the twins, all in
turn.... Kestrel would shift his eyes to Reese, and snort.) Get a good look,
you sonuvabitch, because that's the last time you'll see them in a great while
if I have my way about it.

Jhayne: (eyes widen a little more, and she tries to look back at Kestrel. it
doesn't work though, because of the angle she's being held at... hn.. an angle
that was starting to hurt a little more than she wanted it to. she shifted her
eyes around to the peoples in front of her, beyond the barrier, and narrowed her
gaze a little. there was only going to be one shot at this... if Reese threw her
aside, and lurched for the children, or for Ferret, would they have enough time
to leave? .. well... live and still be INTACT?!)

Kestrel: (hehheh... stupid human mother fucker.... the magic would surge forth
once again, only growing in strength, all of this happening in a VERY small
period of time, mind you.. seconds, perhaps... it would continue to ensnare the
ones about to be transported. author will allow for one more send by other
author, but regardless of what the send is, the magic would (after the next
send) swell up in a bright, brilliant flash that's not so astral anymore, and
everyone in the room that was focused upon, which would exclude Traverees, would
be *FLASH GONE!*, and so forth. Now, if Traverees were to say... break Jhayne's
neck or something, for example, I'm not saying you have to do that! XD!... she
would still get transported, regardless.... same goes for if he lunges out at
anyone for bodily harm.... they would, if he was close enough, get inflicted,
but he could be holding them tightly, and sucking their blood for all I care...
the magic would still wisk them away, and he would be completely unaffected, and
much MUCH more alone... ^-^''' La la.... I have 8 minutes remaining.. XD!! )


(Because I say so, it would just be simpler to have them wisk away as is.... because Reese isn't going to try and kill Jhayne or anything. They'd just be gone, departed, no more, the psychotic bard holding no more. Trying to dance with yourself, gay boi ass? XD!)

Winter: (Gone?)

Arryn: (Gone?)

Sacks: (Gone?)

This author, having a few characters of her own safely ensconced in their own personal bubble of space/time warp, would like to make things a bit more difficult for them than it already is. Just because. First being: they are at least half a mile out of town - that being like, what, a half-hour walk? The other being: it's raining. Heavily. Like a mo-fugger. And it's been raining for quite some time, so the path they appear on is very muddy. And it's a well-worn path, so that even though some parts are covered with over-hanging branches of trees, most parts are not. Like, for example, the part they reappear in.

Winter: (The twins still in one hand, the sacks of their travel in the other, it only takes a brief moment for her to instantly get drenched once Kestrel's magics deposit them on the pathway. A slight sniffle, blinking irritably at the water dribbling down her face and off her nose, she would sigh heavily and release the twin's hands and the sack of clothing in the same instant. It squelches loudly when it falls into the mud, though the hard drumming of the rain would nearly drown the sound out.)

Arryn: (A frown would slowly creep over his face once he beings peering at their new surroundings, the bangs of his salt-and-pepper hair falling in his eyes and sticking to his forehead. He doesn't say anything, but the growing pout on his face leaves little to be deciphered of his opinion.)

Winter: (Another sigh; she voices the opinion the young child does not.) ....this blows. (Though, with her Scottish accent, it would sound more like "Thes blues", the weariness behind the totally sucking situation apparent in her tone. Well, at least they didn't have a psychotic music-maker on their tail any more... )
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