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Before I leave

(Extended from a previous send in the last entry's Comment Section)


if you wanna go there
to the farthest island
spread your wings and fly high!
you can see the island
in the summer breezing
spread your wings and fly high to the

my wanderer you seek for the secret
go farther and fly sky high
fly high

-Yuki Kajiura

Alsaedeis: (She had left the room of Xane's some time ago, crossing through hall after hall to find the specific location she sought. Her translucent attire flapped quietly around her as she walked, though only the rats paid her the mildest of attention. She wasn't well-liked in this place, as were all of the Lhulgentri creatures -- servant or otherwise -- and it showed as she came into the more 'populated' areas of the inner workings of this Realm. Each creature, save for those quaint little rats, that she passed barely gave her a glance... at least, a glance that wasn't filled with hatred, malice, jealousy, or otherwise.... She ignored it all, even the rats, and headed to her destination. Said destination just happened to be a small, quaint black iron door at the end of a long hallway. She stood outside the door for a moment, schooling her features in their normal placid, slightly commanding appearance. No use in looking flustered, eh? With one pale hand, she reached to rap lightly upon the door, carefully focused between two of the heavy chains that laced its outward surface.)

(Within the room, beyond the doors that were knocked upon, a voice came, low and treacherous: ) Come, Alsaedeis....

Alsaedeis: ( no outward appearance that she particularely cared for the type of reply she recieved, the woman pushed on the latch work of the door, and inward it swung. As usual, the small greeting room of this occupied location was filled with small, magical fires floating here and there, with myst and other smokes floating around as well. a few creatures squeaked and moaned from their cages, and open books hovered about, waiting to be read. all in all, the room was a strange place to be, but as were so many others in this realm.... she walked past a howling bird wallowing in throes of pain as it flapped with one wing helplessly around in a cage that was too small.... past books that chattered to themselves, and magical fires that flickered and swayed... she walked through a small door at the end of the greeting room, and gave a small bow before she said anything.) Inquzt....

Inquzt: (The Thalrashkan creature was out of full view from this woman, located in a dark corner of the room. The only thing that could be seen was a long, cracked black-grey tail that bore many strange barbs, and a twin pair of white orbs that seemed to hover in the darkness around them, like strange fires of evil... the tail pulled, and the creature in the darkness shuffled a bit, the noise somewhat sounding like a dragon huffling about in its caves of darkness.) Alsaedeis... (came a small hiss, not really a word.)

Alsaedeis: (She smirked widely. he was in a good mood, that was for sure. she lifted herself up right, and gave a small nod of greeting.) My Lord Inquzt... I come to you to speak about your Creature. If you can spare the time? I've some information for you that might prove worth your while...

Inquzt: (There was a small huff, almost a laugh, and the creature in the darkness moved a little more, as a person in a kitchen would mill about when preparing a fine dinner.) Something about Xane? Aye... tell me then, this information, little Lhulgentri. Tell me something I do not already know, and I will spare you extra time for apologizing....

Alsaedeis: (How sweet... he truly WAS in a good mood. If Inquzt could crack a joke of any kind, be it in dry humor, true amusement, or even a threat, it was definately a good sign. She smiled widely, and gave another small bow of her head, her hair slipping forward a little.) As it will be, my Lord Inquzt. (she paused a moment, her head lifting, and her hands following suit as she began to speak of her reasons for visiting this night.) As you know, Xane has been my commanding officer for some time. As you may also know, I had taken it upon myself to begin a particularly important assignment --

Inquzt: (The creature huffed again, that strange laugh.) You are referring to the assignment in which you stole the human away to turn upon your sister? (Of course he know about this.... ) What of it? Are you angry that you now have naught to do with that mortal creature? (From the darkness, the sounds of his movement came again, like the footsteps of a man who had to drag his feet due to injury or insane exhaustion.)

Alsaedeis: (Her smile failed her slightly, but she shook her head.) Actually, Lord Inquzt, though I am slightly frustrated by such an action, I have come to accept that it is, perhaps, for the best. I am sure that his orders are for a far better purpose.

Inquzt: (There was a small silence before he spoke this time.) Yes. His orders have a far greater purpose than your petty, vengeful acts upon your kith and kin. Far, far greater importance.... (The sounds of movement continued, and the tail that had been present disappeared into the eclipse of the darkness and shadow.) Why have you come, Alsaedeis? Do you require a new task in place of your own fallen one? I fail to see how this connects with anything Xane is currently doing. You said you had information for me...

Alsaedeis: (She nodded again, her mind absently chewing on the possibilities of getting information out of the demon creature...) I do, my Lord. (She had to play this very carefully for, though Inquzt was very powerful, and very cruel... he was also inclined to shift his daily alliances if it suited his current needs.... ) His own subjects, my Lord Inquzt, have taken a fierce liking to his strange, strict command...

Inquzt: This means nothing to me. I care naught of what he does with his things. (There was an air of annoyance growing in his voice.)

Alsaedeis: Aye, but my Lord.. (she took a few careful steps forward, her hands gesturing alongside her words.) His closest aside myself, the dark boy known as Candin... Xane has put the change in him.

Inquzt: (There was a pause in his movements, as if the words caught a string that held his tail, forcing him to still.)

Alsaedeis: (She smirked inwardly, but continued to speak as if she were doing naught but her duty to 'tattle-tell' on her commanding officer.) I know no reason as to this effect, but surely the Creature plans something of his own. He dabbles in powers that are on such a larger scale than he is allowed. My place is not to judge, or to say anything against, but my duty is to reveal all acts that may seem treacherous, is it not? This act teeters on the balanced scale of such, and I had to immediately report to you, my great Lord....

Inquzt: (There was a small huff from the darkness, and the sound of the great creature turning about face.) Indeed, Lhulgentri. I did not advise him in such an act, nor grant him use of the power he possesses to do such a thing. Your words are well heard. (A small pause.) Though, I still will not grant your OWN feeble quest back to you.

Alsaedeis: (She frowned slightly.) My Lord..?

Inquzt: No. You will take up a new q uest. One that bears much more meaning. (Again, the sounds of movement, but it drew ever closer from the darkness... he was coming towards her.) You shall bear upon your shoulders a new weight, Alsaedeis Ashenbow. Though you will not know the full extent of the task you will uptake, you will know that you will be the only Lhulgentri to ever step so close to Power.

Alsaedeis: (her eyes widened slightly. Was he referred to the Power of the Thalrashka? ... like such things as the Staff of Power..? THAT Power..? She wasn't sure... )

Inquzt: (From the darkness, he did emerge. a great beast of a creature that, by far, did not resemble anything human. slick horns of raven swept back from a lizard-like skull, twisted and gnarled at their bases and sharp as fangs at their points. his eyes were sunken into that dragon-esque skull, though they glowed such a brilliant white they seemed ablaze. his body, as it came into the dim light of the room, was just as twisted and gnarled as his horns. he resembled an erect, elongated wolf-like creature in the body, shagged black fur patched with scale, skin, and sweeping misty tendrils that jerked and writhed like snakes with their own life-spark. his hands were dexterous claws with seering ivory tips, and his elbows jutted at a double-jointed angle, twisting in a backward sweep that ended in a jagged barb not too unlike the ones that tipped the grand tail. His legs, however slightly shorter than his arms, were not that different either. They seemed to have four joints, though, and ended not in claws of any type, but cloven hooves of chipped ivory colour, half hidden by flares and wisps of fur and hair. his tail loomed behind him, half hidden by the darkness behind him.)

Alsaedeis: (She didn't flinch from the revelation of the demonic creature, but she did, however, take several steps backwards. if anyone asked, it was only to give the large creature room.... )

Inquzt: (When he spoke, his thin, slightly forked tongue flickered in and out past tendrils and wisps of hair that lined his reptilian face.) I want you, Alsaedeis, to bear this task without question, and without care of your life in the past, nor your life in the present. You will do this, Alsaedeis Ashenbow. Yes. Understand that this is not a request. (The great creature loomed over her, staring down at her fragile elfin self.)

Alsaedeis: (Hmn...) What will I gain of it? (Bold, yes...)

Inquzt: (The creature laughed, that strange huffing sound.) A rightful question. I commend your thinking. (Yet another pause from him, he turned his grand body, and tread with heavy, shuffling steps over towards one of the many tables in the room.) What will you gain of it? What surely will come to fall in your greedy little hands when your task is complete? (he lifted his head as he neared the table, and huffed another short laugh.) Didn't I tell you to forget your past? Your reward will be the deletion of your past. Isn't that what you want? Isn't it?

Alsaedeis: (She blinked, not fully understanding the Thalrashkan's words.) The deletion of my past, my Lord? Pardon my idiocy, but I do not grasp fully of what you speak... (She paused, then began to follow him, her bare feet silent on the ground, and her wispy clothing lashing about her.) Do you speak of --

Inquzt: No. (He hissed, cutting her off as he turned back towards the table he now stood beside.) I will allow you a change. Yes. One change, and one change only. Not a wish, but a change. I do not grant wishes. Though close to it, I am no god.

Alsaedeis: (She blinked, still confused, as she stood beside him, looking up at his taller self.) One change, you speak of, and a deletion of my past?

Inquzt: It is one and the same. There will be one change, but it will be the deletion of your past all the same. Something new will be birthed from the darkness that will come. (He leaned forward, and reached out one clawed hand, rustling through the papers on this desk. Xane was more like his master than he thought, really... papers, books, and experiments. Tsk.)

Alsaedeis: ... I.. I still do not understand, Lord Inquzt.

Inquzt: As I said, you shall not know everything of your task, but your reward will be the death of your sister, and the gain of a god-like immortality. The change is in death. YOUR change, my dear, is that I will extract your wolfen half.

Alsaedeis: (Her eyes widened, and she took a few steps to the side, away from the gnarled creature.) I fear I cannot accept such a reward.

Inquzt: (Hollowed whites turned to the silvery woman, and the creature smirked... or what could pass as a smirk.) Did I not say that this was not a task by request?

Alsaedeis: (Her eyes rolled slightly in their sockets as her mind whirred for some escape from this creatures insane terms of service.) Surely there is another reward in order. The death of my sister I can abide with... but to remove my wolfen half is to remove my own immortality. How will that aid me in attaining such a god-like standard that you so happily speak of? (This man, as she already knew, was mad.... and to think, she came here trying to get Xane in trouble.. o.O )

Inquzt: Your death, unless you happen to fail me, is not in the standard of the task. Alsaedeis, I speak of shedding off your Lhulgentri flesh, and becoming something greater, and much more glorious. (His clawed hands had stopped their rumaging, drawing back against his chest with a single paper in hand.) You would not need the weight of your Beast any longer. Think of it, woman... you would have no worry that should your wolf die, you would lose your own self in time. Or that, should YOU die, your wolf will remain to find amusement in the fact that you set it free to bear its own immortal existance.

Alsaedeis: (A small perk to her ears, she leaned back towards Inquzt in spite of herself.) An immortality without my wolfen half? Could I die at all? Be slain in battle, or wither away with old age?

Inquzt: Never. (was his only vocal reply to her questioning. he reached out once more, but this time it was to extend his hand, and the paper it held, to her.)

Alsaedeis: (She reached out with her own, smaller hand, and took the offered object within her frail fingers. pulling the parchment to her, she quickly lowered her eyes to it. there was a small silence between them before her eyes widened, and she spoke, still looking at the page.) You refer to Xane when you talk to me of this immortality.

Inquzt: You would never grow old. You would never die of natural causes. You could not be slain in battle, or even of your own accord. (He leaned back away from her, staring down at the paper she held in her hand with hard-set features.) You would be immune to magical attacks, impervious to poisons and gases. Your senses would heighten beyond belief, and your Powers would be so great that your very soul would be overwhelmed with them without release.

Alsaedeis: My soul? (She echoed this softly, then turned her eyes up to him again.) You are speaking of altering me like you did him?

Inquzt: I did not alter him. (It was a truthful statement...) I CREATED him.

Alsaedeis: You created him. (she echoed again...) He was never alive?

Inquzt: I am surprised he never spoke of it to you. (Not a truthful statement...) I suppose his creation is not something he would relinquish information about very willingly. After all, if one gave away the secret of their destruction and creation... (he trailed off, but not without a devilish smirk.)

Alsaedeis: And where is his soul now? (She asked hastily. )

Inquzt: (He laughed loudly, this sound more human than anything that had erupted from his mouth in the entire conversation.) Why ask such a question? You wish to kill him already? Before even becoming his equal?

Alsaedeis: (her face flushed slightly, and she looked back to the page she held.) I would be greater than his equal. I would not have been made, but altered. Would I retain all of my magic of the now? Would I still keep every trick that I know?

Inquzt: (The amusement fell from his tone.) I would extinguish the spark of all that is Lhulgentri about you, save for your exterior image. You would bear no Lhulgentri magic. You would not NEED Lhulgentri magic.

Alsaedeis: I see. (She said softly, lowering the paper, and tossing it over to the table-top as if it meant nothing more to her at that moment.) What is this task I am to bear, Inquzt?

Inquzt: (that devious look returned, and he gave a grand bow of his head, his clawed hands coming together in a small steepled appearance.) I know the treachery of my own Creations, Alsaedeis. I know them very well indeed. As much as I admire my work when I created Xane, I appall how much leeway I gave the Nothing. When he completes his current task, he will possess something that I desire. I already know what he plans to do with it, and it is not what he is required to do.

Alsaedeis: He will turn traitor? (She mused quietly.) Then why not slay the soul you keep that bears his life? Why risk the treachery?

Inquzt: He can reach places of the world that no one else can. (was all he said for a few passing moments, his eyes unblinking, and focused upon her.) You cannot reach the item, and neither can he. BUT... his own servants of the now can.

Alsaedeis: Candin?

Inquzt: When his servants find the artifact, he will slay them and redeem the prize.

Alsaedeis: (She frowned deeply.) And what will he do with it?

Inquzt: Murder.

Alsaedeis: Is that such a bad thing?

Inquzt: The intimacy that a murderer and his victim share is beyond compare, Alsaedeis. I do not wish to get intimate with my Creation. (He scowled then, and turned as sharply as he could away from her, shuffling towards his dark corner again.) I want the item, Alsaedeis. You will bring it to me, and recieve your reward.

Alsaedeis: If he will murder YOU with this item that you speak of... how can I be sure that I myself won't fall victim of such a thing? (She turned to stare after him, her hands loose at her sides.) I've BEEN intimate with him, I do not wish anything beyond it...

Inquzt: (He didn't pause as he walked, but he kept talking.) If you ask me to grant you this changing immortality before your task, your question falls to deaf ears. I do not grant such a gift on those who do not prove worthy.

Alsaedeis: (She slowed her steps, a sly look to her face.) Did Xane prove worthy?

Inquzt: Xane was a failed experiment. He showed me that when you are in a world such as this, everything around you becomes corrupt and turns against you.

Alsaedeis: (her steps stopped completely.) So, you will kill me one day, then?

Inquzt: Probably.

Alsaedeis: (she frowned a bit, but it was really nothing more than she expected.) I see.

Inquzt: But, if you do not follow the same course that Xane has, then I do not see cause for it.

Alsaedeis: As long as I can serve you, my Lord Inquzt, I shall do nothing but. (she gave a small bow to his still walking form.)

Inquzt: Yes, I know. (was all he said as he disappeared into the darkness he had emerged from.)

Alsaedeis: (She gave a small glance back to the table the paper lay on, and then stepped for the door without further comment.)

Inquzt: (From the darkness, he spoke.) Alsaedeis.

Alsaedeis: (She paused just inside the door, one hand reaching up to catch a loose hold on the framing.) My Lord?

Inquzt: You will return later this night, and recieve the details of your task.

Alsaedeis: (she gave a small bow of her head in acknowledgement.) Indeed, my Lord. (a pause.) And Xane?

Inquzt: He gathers his own force to rise against me. I shall gather my own. Alsaedeis, if you want your chance to become greater, this is it. Your sister, and your past will be no more. Is that not what you desired?

Alsaedeis: (she gave a sweeping bow, leaning against the door frame to accomplish it.) Yes, my Lord Inquzt. (She righted herself, and once more turned to leave.)

Inquzt: (Letting her leave this time, but he still comments as she departs.) Your time here tonight has been very informative, Alsaedeis.

Alsaedeis: As has your own, my Lord. (She departed the room, and hurried through the smaller, hazier room to slip back out into the hallway. Shutting the iron doors behind her, she leaned against them, rustling the chains loudly. this had not gone completely according to what she wished to accomplish! Not at all! But she had the chance to take out her sister, and gain enough power that she could stamp out everything else that she wished in her own time. though she wouldn't get to torture her sister as much as she wanted, it was still worth it. And Xane would get his, in the end.... for everything he'd done up to this point... for every step forward he'd disallowed, and every step back he'd given her. How DARE he rip the chance for her to do what she so desired. Hmm.. perhaps things had gone a bit more according to her plan than she'd thought... afterall... Xane was, in all truth, soon to meet his end, and she'd no longer have him as the middle man between her and Inquzt...) (Alsaedeis pushed away from the door, regaining a bit of her confidence in the moment. with a barely noticeable smirk upon her delicate features, she wandered off down the hallway, past the glares, and the scurrying rats that paid her very little attention at all.)

Inquzt: (Inside, he milled around in his darkness, shuffling here and there, tending to his articles of science and magic. His strange face was void of expression, but he was surely bearing an amused air on the inside. Alsaedeis was, and would be in the future, much more easier to control than Xane. she was already more easily to manipulate. He knew she would shift to her own agenda if and when she could.... But without Izzen... the stone was useless to everyone... Xane... Alsaedeis... Himself... Aseria.. Inquzt trudged across the room, slipping from the darkness into the open light. Yes, without Izzen, the Mizzen Wii Stone was nothing more than a bauble for collectors of pretty things, or potentially magical items. He'd given the book he'd owned that bespoke of the stone to Xane a long while ago, hoping that the Nothing would search for and find the stone. He'd crush the magic-made soul and steal the stone, of course, but Xane hadn't known that at the time. Inquzt had no doubt that once Xane had the stone, he'd stop at nothing for Izzen. The Nothing had always been very placid about his place among the Thalrashka, but as of late, he'd seemed a bit disgruntled with his current standings. Like everyone around him, he desired power denied him. If Xane could have had Izzen and Mizzen Wii.... ) (Inquzt snaked his way deeper into the innards of his quarters. But Izzen was something that no one save for Aseria herself could have gotten to... no one except Inquzt himself, for he had been the one to place it there in the first place. Centered deep into a cavern of carved, polished stone, past many a trap and dangerous creature... Izzen was locked in a chamber with three magical seals. One seal was attuned to Aseria, one to Inquzt himself, and one to the Mizzen Wii Stone... The God-Slaying Sword could not be taken without Aseria and himself being in presense of the stone outside the seals. There would be only one way to gain access to the God-Slayer without being Aseria or Inquzt, and that was to slay both, or steal part of the essense of both parties. There was really no other way to gain access to the sword.... But... if Xane destroyed Inquzt, he'd need only, perhaps, to talk sweet with Aseria to gain access to the sword. If Xane possessed his own soul, he would be a force unstoppable by even the great Queen of the Thalrashka. They would both be a force so powerful that the world would be covered in darkness in less time it had taken to make the world itself. Inquzt decided it would be best to speak to Aseria of this matter before it grew any further into something that may very well slip out of control. Without the Mizzen Wii Stone, they could not weild the God-Slayer.... if the Stone was destroyed.... they would miss the one tangible chance that they had of killing Mystra herself. If only Alsaedeis realized how important hers and Xane's roles in this were, or how important the human bard was.... if only Alsaedeis knew that her sister, Ferret Ashenbow, was the Lady Mystra embodied... But Inquzt wasn't about to reveal such important secrets just yet. All in due time... All in due time...)
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