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What did you do on YOUR Saturday?

ooc: I kicked puppies! ^-^;;;;;; (Not really, but Lancelot did! XD!!)


Kestrel: (For time's sake, really, I'm going to keep this brief... small hands... ) (he nods at Winter's comment, though it's more or less a pointless gesture. ^-^! he, without comment, begins a slow trek toward the direction of the city, moving al ittle more awkwardly than normal (of course) through the muddy road.)

Jhayne: (follows in silence, making sure to be near the rear of the troupe though. dragging the sword (poor sword! awww...) and carrying Kestrel's... *gawk! coughcough!* ..sack.)

Ferret: (would follow Kestrel like a sheep, holding her son's hand. a very blank expression on her face right now.)

Ayanna: (at Winter's side. will walk where she will walk. ^-^;;)

Rain: (fall! Whee!!)

~~(Follow the muddy wet road! La la..) (Others follow) ~~

(Viiyde is a hole in the wall, really; a dirty hick town that really looks like nothing more than a crossroads. The woods clear out at the edge of town, and it's obvious that the forest ends here. The twilight of the storm makes it difficult to see too far. No one is on the streets as they enter, but someone races across the half-flooded street to a tavern on their right as they move in. A few horses are tied up in the front (poor things) and it looks like the two-story dump is the only place with life in it.)

Winter: (She stares after the street-hopper as he crosses before them, a dubious scowl lifting one corner of her mouth. That tavern looked like a DUMP. She'd almost rather sleep in the ditch.)

Arryn: (He doesn't appear too intersted in anything, not really paying attention to their surroundings. He doesn't care -- just hanging on to mommy's hand.)

Ferret: (Bleat. She's a sheep right now, and notices very little. look at her regress a few months! XD!!)

Ayanna: (Blinks at the dumpiness of the place they are at now. has moved back to her old habit and says a little loudly: ), this place is really ugly looking. (lifts her eyes to Winter.) We're not really staying HERE, huh?

Jhayne: (frowning, she shuffles up next to Kestrel.) (she's still clutching his things, of course.) I agree with the child. This place is an absolute sty...

Kestrel: Yeah. (he slows his pace a little, but is heading to the same place as the 'hopper'.) But it's safer here than that death trap we just jumped from. (or something. wow, this place really DID look like a shit-hole. for some reason, he didn't remember it being this crappy. But.. then again, it'd been a good deal of time since he'd been there. Something in the neighbourhood of three decades. How things changed...)

Winter: (Bites back something that was probably meant to be a groan of frustration. God, was it? True, there wasn't any Reese or Thalrashkan minions there to kill them, but who was to say that there weren't everyday people with the same inclination inside the tavern? of course, it would be easier to defend against everyday people... if not for the fact that they were all WEAK and shit. Biting the inside of her lip, she tightens her grip on Ayanna's hand. The last place she wanted to lose track of the child was inside a bar.) We'll see, bairn. Gotta stay somewhere.

Arryn: (blank stare. toddle. Where's Alex? *cry*)

Tavern: (a muted buzz meets them when they enter the tavern; a bar in the very back is seperated from them by dozens of tables and even more patrons. It's darker in here than outside, smokey, lit by candles, and torches. Wenches serve food, and rinks, but don't seem to have to worry too much about groping. The atmosphere is calm, compared to some taverns, but some people turn in their chairs, and give them hostile looks, particularly the three elves. There are stairs to the right of hte bar, presumably leading up to the inn rooms.)

Winter: (frowns back at the few rednecks glaring at htem.)

Ayanna: (clingle!)

Ferret: (doesn't really notices or care about the looks. she really just wants to curl up and sleep.) (hold's Arryn's hand.)

Jhayne: (bites her lower lip, and looks cautiously to Kestrel.) ...? (she didn't FEEL the love, yo.)

Kestrel: (takes in a heavy breath, and starts for the back, for the bar. of course, there was ALOT of people... damn.)

Jhayne: Kes-- are you sure we should... maybe...--

Kestrel: Nonsense. (was all he said to her. a slight grin, tired, behind his masking.) (barline headin', yo. he sees the glares, but chooses to (attempt to) ignore them. Feh.. some people... what the hell was THEIR problem anyway? They act like they'd never seen six dirty, wet, bloody, exhausted travelers before. Sure, it just so happened that they all looked like shit, two were children, three were elfish, and one was a sassy-looking human... but come ON! Where WAS the love?!?)

Winter: (Mmm.. sassy.. er, what? *blink*)

Bar: (There are a few men at the bar, not many once one considers the overall population of the tavern. one has a girl on his lap, one is asleep, one is a rat-faced looking fellow that looks liked he's drowing his sorrows. The wenching lad stares at the travelers as they approach, and whispers something in the girl's ear. She turns to look and starts to giggle. The tender is an Italian-lookin' fellow who is absorbed in wiping down a glass as they approach. He ignores them.)

Kestrel: (mm... girls... *cough* Focus Kestrel! Damn!) (he ignoers the whispering fellow, but manages to creep his way directly against the counter, somewhere between.. well... wherever. ^-^;; near the wencher, author guesses.) (clears throat at the Tender. He didn't remember this fellow, but that wasn't too surprising.) You look like a man in charge. Can we get a room or two?

Jhayne: (looking around slowly, seriously getting bad vibes from most.. well.. almost every soul present, regardless of who was actually looking at them.)

Drunk:: (zzzz....)

Rat-Face: (Side-glance.)

Guy&Gal: (giggle, grope.)

Tender: (Doesn't look up from his glass, his voice flat: ) No rooms.

~~(To their right, a couple start to the stairs, and stumble up them, spilling their drinks on themselves.)~~

Tender: . . . .

Winter: (She glares at the tender, pulling Ayanna up close against her.) What aboot th' stables?

Tender: (eyes flit to her before back down to his glass.) Don't book out the stables.

Rat-Face: (looks at Winter, then down at Ayanna.) . . .

Arryn: (cuddles to Ferret, glancing up at Guy&Gal.)

Guy&Gal: (giggle!)

Kestrel: (Stare. He clanges at G&G, then back to the Tender after his stables comment.) 'No Rooms', my ass. If you don't have any rooms, (points a hand wearily toward the stumbles.) then where in the fuck are those two going? I doubt you've got retch holes up there.

Jhayne: (sigh.) Kestrel, maybe we can just find a --

Kestrel: (jerks his eyes to Jhayne, anger and exhaustion dancing in them.) There ain't but one place to sleep in Viiyde, and this is it. (looks back to the Tender.) Unless you've sold off all your pigs to buy one more shithole of a building.. (Extremely annoyed.. tired.. wet... horny.. Jesus Fuck's Sake! That didn't take much to toss him over the edge, now did it?)

Ferret: (hold's Arryn closer.)

Ayanna: (stares back at RatFace. Pause. Sticks tongue out at him.)

RatFace: (pauses, and sticks his tongue back out at her.)

Winter: -_-''' (tugs Ayanna away from him.)

Tender: (nonplussed.) No pigs, no rooms, no stable. (sits down glass, and tucks rag away in his back pocket.) Doors close in four hours.

Winter: (BLINK?!) (angrily.) It's RAININ' out there, in case you 'aven't noticed.

Tender: I did. It's not my problem.

G&G: (slide off stool, and head for stairs, paying more attention to the groping than the walking, smacking into the railing as they navigate up the stairs.)

RatFace: (leans onto the bar to loko past Winter at the four travelers, drink seemingly forgotten. more curious than hostile, it seems.)

Drunk: *snort* (zzzz...)

Ayanna: (stare!)

Ferret: (stand)

Kestrel: (grr!) You mean to send us back out into THAT? (points to the door.) We've children and women in this party that need to rest, eat, and preferrably bathe, and you're trying to tell me you don't have ANYTHING at all? Not even a broomcloset to hide your skeletons? (tilts head, and scowls.) I find that hard to believe. What kind of place do you think you're running here anyway? An inn this size in a shitass, ant-sized town that probably owns a total of six horses, and you can't even offer a few weary travelers a fucking room... but you can hand them out tot he local drunks, and whores. Damned Saint Fucking Kroe over here, aren't ya?

Jhayne: (sigh.)

Tender: (he glances down the length of the bar to someone who's demanding more drink. Dark eyes flit back to Kestrel expressionlessly. Slowly: ) Don't have room for elves and their.. (his eyes slide over to Winter and Arryn.) ... kin. (leaning down slightly, he spits carefully ont he floor behind the bar, and moves away to serve the people down the way.)

Winter: (She stiffens, and widens her eyes at the insult, before the surprise morphs into an evil glare. Ooo, you mutherfucker.. if I didn't have this kid right now, I'd be over this counter and clawing out your eyes RIGHT THIS INSTANT!) (grrr...)

Arryn: (la la la... I am a moth! XD!)

RatFace: (sniffs slightly at the insult and leans over towards Winter, almost furtively, like a drug dealer. XD!) Kin git yoo a room, sweetheart.

Winter: O.o?! (get away from me, dirty man!)

Kestrel: (SCOWL!) (if there was something to set him off worse in this situation, it was being compared to a common elf!) I am NOT an ELF! (starts to move after the Tender...)

Jhayne: (reaches out, and grabs Kestrel's shirt after dropping the sack to the floor.) Stop it. You're solving nothing.

Kestrel: I'll solve something --- (pauses, and looks at Rat-Face.) I bet you could. Either kill someone for the room, or take them to yours to sleep with them Don't get any ideas. She's spoken for. (shoots a "follow my lead" type glance to Jhayne.)

Jhayne: o.O?! (blink.) S-She is?

Ferret: .... (looks to Winter slowly, coming to from her daze a bit.) You didn't tell me...?

Ayanna: o.o? (moo?)

Jhayne: X___X! (die!)

Winter: -_- (No.. no she's not. Fall!)

RatFace: (blinks.) (he leans back slightly and blinks rapidly, his brow wrinkling in confusion. He doesn't look too bright.) ... wha'? What I care for? Jus' sayin' I knows a place for your type.

Winter: (immediately rounds on the drunkard, eyes narrowing in anger.) What do you mean, MY TYPE?! (KILL!!)

RatFace: (No, DON'T HURT MEEEE~~~!!) Eh, notin'! Meant notin' by it!

Kestrel: (frowning.) This is stupid. 'Your type', indeed.

Jhayne: (shakes head. turns to Winter slowly.) Calm down, we don't need to make any more scenes.

Kestrel: (eye roll.) Fucking Saint Kr--

Jhayne: (frowns, cutting him off.) I'm as displeased as you... tired, hungry, and just plain unsettled over all of this. But, howling about it doesn't change the fact that we OBVIOUSLY (side glance to Tender) aren't going to get a room here.

Kestrel: Yeah, and this nice... well... nice.. uh.. (can't seem to find anything positive about RatFace to speak of...)

Jhayne: (eye roll, looks to RatFace.) You said something about a room?

RatFace: (Starts to lean back again, almost as though he plans on fleeing from the skeery peoples.) Eh.. room? Yah, outside town, nort', they let anybody in, nice folks, we goin' by there...(appears to be babbling in an attempt to appease them.)

Winter: (Down, kitten! Mrew! She backs down slightly at Jhayne's behest, still glaring all the same.)

Tender: (IGNORE!)

~~(From out of the crowd trundles a dwarf, maybe alittle more taller than the twins and built funny like many midgets are. Ignoring the travelers, he heads to RatFace, and tugs impatiently at his leg.) The fuck you doin', gettin' drunk for we leave? How the fuck you gonna drive shit-faced as Emil's Whores? (ooo... dirty mouth! Dun talk no better than RatFace.)

Arryn: (Back to reality, he looks over at the midget.) o.O?

Ayanna: (blinkity. Oooh! He cuss~ed! I'm telling my incoherant mother on you!)

Kestrel: And you can't see over the horses you're driving... (picking up the insults.) Does this mean I get tips for volunteering to drive?

Jhayne: .. knock it off. (sigh.)

Ferret: -_-

Midget: (He looks UP at Kestrel's insult, hanging on to RF's leg to keep from falling backwards, squinting through the dark, and smoke.) Fuck you want, fucker?

RF: (hastily.) Needta go to that place outta town, can't getta place here, we goin' by there, tought --

Midget: Gods, Ton, shut UP.

Ton: (does, looking sheepish.)

Midget: (sighs, shaking head.) Fucker. Stupid-ass donkey bastard.. Gotta go to that place? Not enough room on wagon for all y'all. Some gotta walk. Dojo's a hour from here.

Kestrel: O.O;;;;; The... The Dojo? --__-- But I don't wanna go .. there.... (looks between Ton and Midget.) There's got to be rooms somewhere other than the Dojo, right? ... RIGHT?

Jhayne: Shut up, Kestrel. (looks to Midget and RF.) We'll take the offer. The girls can ride, and us two will walk. Is there enough room then? The children can sit on the girls' laps, if need be.

Winter: (Narf? What's a dojo?) (sigh)

Arryn: (clingles to his mother, leaning around her to look at the midget. Ooo, little people! XD!!)

Midget: S'aight. Ton, s'go. Finish yer fucking drink. (lets go of Ton's leg, and trundles back to wherever he came from.)

Ton: (hurriedly he nods, tossing back the remainder o fhis drink, wiping his mouth on his sleeve, and hurrying after the midget.)

Winter: (frowning, she looks over at Kestrel and Jhayne.) .. Whut's a dojo?...

Jhayne: (shrugs.) Our luck, it's a brothel with all of Kestrel's ex-girlfriends. (picks up sack, and smiles to Ferret.) Come on, we best hurry if we're to ride with them.

Ferret: (nod)

Ayanna: ......

Kestrel: (snorts.) (pause.) O.O! Wait a second! I take insult to that!

Jhayne: (ignores. heads off after the drunks..)

Kestrel: (frump.) Damned fe-- er.. damned Jhayne. (doesn't seem inclined to answer Winter right now.)

Winter: (scowling slightly at Kestrel, she hefts her sack and tugs Ayanna after her as she follows the other two females.)

Arryn: (follows obediantly, trying to catch peeks after the midget through the crowd of legs.)

~~(Outside the tavern, through the side-door, is the stable, and inside are two horses hitched to a wagon full of goods overlaid with waterproof skins. There's enough room for Winter and Ferret to sit on the trailing edge with the children on their laps.)

Ton: (Stumbling through the door, he hurries to the horses and checks the hitches. The midget is clambering up the steps onto the seat, grumbing under his breath. Considering the midget's abrasive personality, it's surpising how quickly he let the travelers onto his wagon, without any of the fuss the tender had given.)

Ayanna: (tugged!)

Kestrel: ...? o.O? (shakes head.) (follows in silence.)

Jhayne: (she shuffles her way after Ton, frowning a little at the rain. damn, just when she was starting to get a little warm and dry. she drug the poor sword after her, casting an eye back at the others.)

Ferret: (She folows, Arryn in tow. Almost at the cart, she pipes up.) If he can fit comfortably, Kestrel should take my place on the cart. Afterall, he's hurt, right?

Jhayne: (practically at the edge of the cart, getting ready to put the heavy sword somewhere on it.) I thought you were mad at him...?

Ferret: ... (looks down to Arryn.) Do you think you'll be okay on that big lug's lap? He won't let you fall, and if he does, I'll castra-- er... kill him. (quickly puts on a ^-^! face.)

Jhayne: (grins and shakes her head.) Well, hurry up. (she doesn't put too much thought yet into the dwarf's, or Ferret's, actions.)

Kestrel: (pauses just outside the tavern, and looks back at it.) I REALLY would have liked a room with the redhaired one at the center table... (sigh.) (trudges after the group.) My arms are just a little too tired to be SO lonely... (trudge. god.. he really didn't feel like going back to the Dojo. absently, he wondered if the ole 'S' man was still around...)

Arryn: (looks up at his mother, and shrugs slightly in response to her question. It didn't matter to him.) Sure. What's castra-er?

Winter: (She pauses behind Jhayne as the elven priest loads her sword, and bag onto the cart, letting go of Ayanna's hand, and lightly petting the top of her soggy curls. God, she was tired... walking through the woods had been so automatic that it hadn't required any brain power. But those brief moments of anger in the tavern had reminded her of all the energy she had expended in the Cathedral. Blwoing up giant bug-bird-monsters wasn't easy. She lowered her head, and let her hair fall into her eyes. She'll load the children's clothing into the wagon once Jhayne's finished.)

Midget: (Settles in seat, and fiddles with reins.) (growly) Hurry up, Ton. We gotta be in Sanzaru by sundown, you dirty fuck. Move it!

Ton: I am, I am! (harnesses jingle as he gives one last tug, and scrambles to the seat.)

Jhayne: (finishes. waits.)

Ferret: (^-^;;;) It's a big word for killing... something. I'll explain it when you're older.

Kestrel: (trundles up.)

Jhayne: (turns away to face Kestrel as he approaches.) You get to sit and hold Arryn. (matter-of-factly said.)

Kestrel: Eh? I thought---

Ferret: (Reaches out and grabs a part of his shirt.) Shutup. Sit down. Hold my child. If you drop him, I'll make you more of a woman than any you many have screwed in your entire life.

Kestrel: O.O?!

Ferret: NOW, SIT! (PUSH!)

Kestrel: (would damn near bump into anyone near him. stumble-stumble-stumble-sit---oofh!)

Jhayne: (grin.)

Ferret: (moves to relocate said child from ground to lap.) Don't screw up. (looks to Arryn and smiles.) You can tell me if you don't want to ride anymore at anytime, okay, sweetie?

Ayanna: Can I walk too, Mother? (pipes up.) (patted.)

Ferret: (absently rolls her eyes toward Ayanna.) No. I don't want you off that cart.

Ayanna: But, Arry--

Ferret: (FROWN!) Young lady, what did I just say?

Ayanna: Fine. (crosses arms, scowling.) I didn't want to walk anyway!

Ferret: Now, honey, don't lie. (looks to Arryn and then steps back a little.)

Kestrel: Don't I get a say in all of this?

Jhayne: ^-^?! No? You shouldn't try to argue with a mother, Kestrel. (reaching up to pick a little at her soaked braid. looks to Winter.) About ready? They seem to want to hustle.

Winter: (blinks lightly at Jhayne's words, settling the sack on the wagon and lifting Ayanna up into her lap, she settles them more comfortably.) (The wagon isn't that large, and being so full of unidentifiable objects there won't be much room between her and Kestrel.)

Arryn: (he only nods and hangs limply as he's deposited in Kestrel's lap. He just sits there, all limp and stuff. Yup-yup, not much to this, huh?)

Midget: Roll 'em out, Ton. (he glances back at the travelers without much interest.)

Ton: (he lifts up the reins and clucks to the horses, sending them towards the open double doors, and into the rain.)

Winter: (hugs Ayanna to her, and sighs. So sleepy...)

Ferret: (Follows the cart, keeping a careful eye on her children.)

Jhayne: (follows the cart, quiet. gods, back into the rain. -_-' walk walk walk. this was going to take a while. sigh.)

Ayanna: (sit) (looks around.)

Kestrel: (sighs and absently puts a hand up to brace the kid a bit. damn, sitting made him remember his hurts something awful. this was going to be a horrible trip. tired, hungry, wet, in pain, and still a little more than miffed at that goat fucker from town. he looks absently over at Winter. blinks slowly, still staring through his soaking bangs, and idly begins to wonder about his swords condition. hmn...)

Arryn: (…shifty eyes…..) .... ^-^!

~~(The cart bumps along at a leisurely pace, rambling through the half-flooded town and on out. Visibility is only about thirty feet, and even though it's roughly noon, the sun does not light the area. A dismal, eerie glow surrounds them.)

Winter: (once Ayanna settles down, her head drops, rain dripping down her face, and sticking her hair to her face. she's honestly on the verge of sleep.)

Arryn: (quietly.) There were things outside the church. (his statement is very matter-of-fact, and almost a whisper.)

Ayanna: (rolls eyes, and looks a little to her brother.) Yeah, like grass, trees, and birds...

Kestrel: (raises a brow and looks down at Arryn. how did *he* know that? He'd been in the hallway, out of view, until the very end... hmn..) (silent.)

Ferret/Jhayne: (walk. not really hearing the quiet voice of the child on the cart due to the rumble and falling of the rain.)

Rain: (Yup! Fallin'!~ XD!!)

Winter: (She jerks slightly at Ayanna's voice, lifting her head and tucking some of her hair behind her ear. God, why wouldn't the rain just STOP?! At least it wasn't windy.)

Arryn: (his brow furrows slightly at his sister, the corners of his mouth turning down.) Not those. Other things that wanted to hurt us. (he looks back toward his mother and Jhayne.) Why did they want to hurt you, Kestrel?

Cart: (rolls along.)

Winter: (glances toward Kestrel/Arryn, catching the conversation.)

Ayanna: (Blinks. looks to Kestrel, as if awaiting an answer too.)

Kestrel: Ah... well... ( -_-; ) Not all things in this land are nice. (his voice is soft, low... like he doesn't really want to be talking about this..) They were some of those not-nice things.

Ayanna: But why didn't they go away after you came inside? I bet they could have found someone else to be mean to, right?

Kestrel: (purses his lips a little behind his masking.) Well, it's not really like that, ya know? They wanted *me* because I messed up something else they were doing. (a small shrug.) Like, if you try to chase a wolf away from its prey, it becomes angry... distracted... it'll come after you to either chase *you* away, or to kill you for bothering it.

Ayanna: (blink.)

Arryn: (he seems to accept this at first, lowering his head to watch the ground pass by beneath his feet.) (almost a broken whisper: ) ... why was papa there? Why.. did we leave him?

Winter: (wince. she was hoping that wouldn't be asked...)

Kestrel: (pause-------) (slowly: ) Well.. this of this: A king commands an army, and enlisted soldiers are under his command, regardless of their own lives or commanded tasks. Your father, right now, is under the command of a very wicked king. Being made to do things he wouldn't normally do, well... it was best we left him until his service under this 'king' is over, and he is free to live his old life with his family again.

Ayanna: (a sad expression comes over her face.)

Arryn: (sighs.) I hope he doesn't hurt Alex...

Winter: (stifles a sigh of her own. That was a pretty good save... she hadn't thought Kestrel would have been able to make it. XD!)

Arryn: (side-glace to Ayanna.) (mutter.) Told you he wasn't with any stupid faeries...

Winter: =/ (sigh)

Kestrel: (Alex...? who was that again? WTF, mate? XD!!)

Ayanna: (sticks her tongue out.) Maybe the king is a faerie!

Kestrel: ^-^;;; (whatever you say, honey.)

Arryn: (his glance sharpens into a glare.) Maybe the king is an *asshole* that needs to *die*.

Winter: (well, THAT woke her up!) (hisses.) Arryn!

Arryn: (drops his gaze to the ground again, his glaring fading away into a morose stare at his feet.) (whispers.) ... I just want to go home...

Ayanna: (STARE!) (AHM!!!!)

Kestrel: (blinks. chuckles softly, only half amused.) (glance to Winter with a 'leave him alone, you nagging woman' look.) Well, I'm sure we'll make that asshole of a king get his justice soon, and then we can ALL go home. (lifts his 'bracing' hand, and pats the child's shoulder.) We've just got to be strong until then, okay kid? (nods, wet hair barely moving since it's matted down and slicked and stuff...)

Ayanna: (stare. ponders yelling to her Ma that her brother cussed...........)

Ferret: (too far back to really hear the conversation, because her tired legs just can't keep a fast pace alongside the slow-moving cart.) (quiet.)

Jhayne: (same as Ferret, except she COULD keep pace with the cart. She's holding back because of the eldest woman in their troupe. she glances over at Ferret from time to time....)

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