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Starting over again:

Xane: (When his little spat of angry assault misses, he seems to calm himself a little, sniffing softly, and taking a few steps away from the bard and the minion. he'd caught the little motion of Reese's, the very tiny movement of the lifting fists. Yes, Xane thought with amusement, Go ahead and strike... vent your frustrations... . He smirked, and straightened up, turning to face the bard fully. he was, due to the movement of his attack, positioned just past the bard and the minion, on the opposite side that he had been before. his back was now facing Candin.) Quickness. Did you have it before, or was it something Alsaedeis slipped into your weak little being? (he paused, tilting his head slightly to the side, his chin lifted an inch or so higher, and his eyes narrowing in almost a careless gesture.) But it won't help you, Traverees. Nothing of before will aid you now. (righting his position a bit, he turned his head to look at Candin.) Get out of here, both of you. I don't care where you go, but get the fuck out of here. I have things to do.

Candin: Y-yes, Master. (he managed with a blink, not expecting Xane to turn and address him.. not YET anyway. he bowed his head a little, and stepped away from the table-side he'd been warming for a while now. He moved to step past both Xane and the bard, but paused a few steps away.) (he turned his eyes back to Xane, a pathetic confused look in their depths.) Should I--

Xane: I SAID I DIDN'T CARE!! (he fumed, narrowing his eyes a little more.) (softer:) ... get out, Candin.

Candin: (he swallowed, nodding, and turned his eyes to the bard, now beside him.) Come, Traverees.... (was all he said. expecting the human to follow him, Candin stepped lightly for the door.)

Xane: (he had turned his eyes back to the bard, and said nothing, nor did he move. he was, apparantly, just waiting for them to leave.)

Reese: (He said nothing to the taunting words, merely lowering his hands to his sides, careful not to form them into fists. There really aren't many words that can describe his loathing towards the Thalrashkan being - though, to be honest, he does feel a little bit superior at the moment. He has no idea how long Xane's been searching for this Mizzen Wii stone, but just from that riddle he's already got a good idea as to what it might be - guess it pays to be a bard of some kind of standing, huh? ^-^) (When Candin addresses him, he says nothing, merely turning to follow the minion (MINION!) on his way out of the room. The Thalrashkan realm isn't exactly his territory, so it's not like he could probably go anywhere without some kind of a guide, anyways. Damn humans. ^-^)

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